Dear student,
In accordance with the Ordinance on the temporary general prohibition of movement and public gathering in public places and areas in the Republic of Slovenia, all study obligations at Alma Mater are continued with distance learning (online) till further notice.

Study obligations that cannot be carried out online are exceptionally executed in the premises of Alma Mater in accordance with the safety protocol for the implementation of study obligations, attached in this notice.

During the stay at the Alma Mater premises, students are obliged to:

-  Use the protective masks or other protections of oral and nasal area, and disinfect hands on regular basis;

- Keep the distance of 1.5 m from others, where possible;

- Leave the premises of Alma Mater as soon as soon as study obligations ends;

- Follow the instructions and all other preventive measures (as specified here).

Protective masks or other protection of oral and nasal areas are provided by students. It is not possible to carry out study obligations on spot without adequate protection.

All other gatherings at Alma Mater (such as events and similar) are not executed in physical form.

Students further communicate with lecturers by electronic means (email, Moodle, MS TEAMS, Zoom, etc.). The Student office is available to students via email or phone during the office hours.

The Student and International office will promptly and timely inform students about study obligations implemented live on site.

We are at disposal for further information,

Tina Kavtičnik,
Head of Student office

dr. Goran Gumze,
Head of International office