Physical Therapy

The Alma Mater Europaea - ECM's bachelor program in Physical Therapy prepares students to become skilled health workers.

Alma Mater Europaea students develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the physical exercises and appropriate use of technologies associated with various physical therapy treatment interventions

The undergraduate program is an entry-level professional program emphasizing the scientific basis of human structure and human movement, the spiritual basis of human worth, and the integration of these foundational elements into a comprehensive and problem-solving, evidence- and consensus-based approach to artful evaluation and skillful treatment.

In order to accomplish these tasks, the curriculum combines general education, science, and technical courses specifically designed for the Physical Therapy bachelor program, and culminates with a full-time clinical internship.

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  Course ECTS
Total per year 60
1. semester
1 Anatomy with histology 7
2 Communication skills 3
3 Physics 5
4 Professional Ethics 4
5 Physical Therapy Skills I. 6
6 Physical Therapy Assessment 5
7 Physical therapy research methods 5
8 Physical factors in therapy 5
9 Functional anatomy 6
10 Biochemistry and microbiology 5
11 Nursing 4
12 Elective course* 5


  Course ECTS
Total per year 60
3. semester
13 Psychology 5
14 Physiology with pathophysiology 5
15 Manual therapy - 1 5
16 Biomechanics 5
17 Physical Therapy - 1 6
18 Physical Therapy - 2 5
19 Clinical kinesiology 5
20 Special topics in Physical Therapy - 1 5
21 Clinical Medicine I. 5
22 Clinical Medicine II. 4
23 Elective course* 5
24 Elective course* 5


  Course ECTS
Total per year 60
5. semester
25 Rehabilitation medicine 6
26 Manual therapy - 2 5
27 Clinical medicine III. 6
28 Physical Therapy 3 5
29 Physical Therapy Skills II 5
30 Hygiene and social medicine 4
31 Elective course* 5
32 Health care legislation 4
33 Clinical practice 5
34 Diploma thesis 15

Other courses

1 Human and sports 5
2 Basics of occupational therapy 5
3 Basics of classical massage 5
4 Basics of motor transformations 5
5 Basics of radiology 5
6 Palliative care - FTH 5
7 Rehabilitation of sports injuries 5
8 Sport activities of disabled 5
9 Angleščina 5
10 Information science 5
11 First aid 5
12 Team approach in gerontology 5
13 Physical Theraphy in gerontology 5
14 Physical Theraphy in Sport 5




Undergraduate: Physical Therapy


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Dr. Šejla Gazibara, born in 1983 in Sanski Most, enrolled at the Faculty of
health sciences, University of Ljubljana after graduating from high school, where she successfully completed her studies in physiotherapy. After completing her studies, she got a job as a graduate physiotherapist in one of the centers for the elderly under the auspices of Deos. She has been working as a physiotherapist for more than 10 years and during this time she has gained a lot of rich experience in the field of physiotherapy in gerontology. During her work, she continued her studies at the master's level at the Faculty of Applied Social and Business Studies in Maribor, which she also successfully completed in 2014. During her master's studies, she delved into the organization and management of social activities and researched in the field of accepting dying and death in Slovenian nursing homes. After completing her master's degree, she enrolled in a doctoral program in sociology at the Faculty of Applied Social Studies in Nova Gorica, which she completed in 2018. During her doctoral studies, she delved into researching the meaning of life in old age, based on Frankl's logotherapy. During her studies, she also progressed professionally and currently works as a head of nursing and care, where she deals with staffing and comprehensive care and nursing of the elderly. Her main research area remains gerontology, which she associates with physiotherapy and psychology.



Physical therapy is an essential element of patient care. Physical therapists are highly educated experts in the movements and functioning of the human body. The goal of a physical therapist is to promote patient mobility, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. 

The medical professionals who plan and execute rehabilitative programs designed to improve patient mobility and lessen pain are in high demand.

All Alma Mater Europaea - ECM lectures are filmed and e-learning supported. You can watch them in live stream and re-run them at home as many times as you like.


The Alma Mater Europaea undergraduate Physical Therapy program prepares graduates for roles in a wide variety of work settings, such as:

  • Hospitals and health centers
  • Private practice
  • Health resorts
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Sports facilities
  • Retirement facilities
  • DURATION: 6 semesters / 3 years
  • TITLE: Bachelor of Physical Therapy
  • LOCATION: Slovenia
  • START DATES: October

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