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Undergraduate: Dance, Coreography


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Rosana Hribar (1973) worked with a great majority of the most important Slovenian choreographers, many national theatre directors and different dance and ballet groups abroad. She attended dance seminars in Slovenia and abroad, she completed her education at the Dance Academy and Master’s studies at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, the Art of Movement programme. She received many national rewards, including the highest recognition of the Republic of Slovenia for achievements in art, the Prešeren Fund Award. She created a series of internationally successful dance duets, together with a choreographer and dancer Gregor Luštek, for which they also received awards at some of the most honoured international dance competitions.


I create a form of movement, which enables logical, complete and stable structure within, always in a sensible connection with space and regime of individual bodies. Training contains specific breathing exercises, body organisation on the floor, with an emphasis on movement that integrates rhythm, coordination and stamina through spatial and kinaesthetic awareness. This is followed by awareness of the central axis of the body, which enables soft, dynamic transition from many qualities and moving techniques.


In the workshop, I focus on basic principles of creating movement, dialogue and relationship. During this, I research basic theatre issues: What is the motive for a specific motion? How to tell a story through dance? How to develop a unique movement code, which will be justified through dramaturgy and space? How to create a unique time that constructs tensions, contrasts and relief and consequently changes the space? What is a rhythmic system? How to design choreography through rhythm and emphases, how to put it into context and change it into perspective?