Summer school TMG - AMEU Koper


19 – 26 September 2017


AMEU-ECM, Trubarjeva 1, 6000 Koper


Program directors

• dr. Marko Vidnjevič, Alma Mater Europaea - ECM, Slovenija
• mag. Mladen Herc, Alma Mater Europaea - ECM, Slovenija
• prof. dr. Boštjan Šimunič, Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Koper (Science and Research Center Koper), Slovenija

Program description

Alma Mater Europaea –ECM is organising a TMG summer school in cooperation with the Science and Research Center Koper (SRCK) and the company TMG-BMC d.o.o. This summer school is aimed at students, professionals and researchers from the areas of physiotherapy, health and medicine, sports, kinesiology and those who deal with sports diagnostics, optimisation of training and rehabiliation.

Tensiomiography (TMG) is a diagnostic method that assesses electric stimulus of contractile properties of skeletal muscles that serves as the basis for planing training, rehabilitation and orientation of the youth (Šimunič Boštjan).

Participants of the summer school will be introduced to the usage of the TMG system and other complementary tools and devices, such as Tanita scales for analysing body composition, powerbreath respirator, INDIBA active for active cell therapy and Bioresonance scanner for scanning the whole organism.

The TMG summer school is meant for students close to the graduation and post-graduate students, especially from the field of physiotherapy, since participation also counts toward obtaining ECTS points. The following applies:

- undergraduate students who have finished Bachelor degree will obtain 1 ECTS point in addition to the summer school certificate,
- graduate students with finished Master degree will obtain 2 ECTS points in addition to the summer school certificate,
- in case the student wishes to obtain 5 ECTS points, additional seminar paper must be written on one of the topics of the summer school (15 pages, app. 3,500 words) within 30 days after completion of the Summer school. 

»The TMG-BMC company deals with development and commercialisation of the tensiomiography method and has been cooperating with Alma Mater Europaea – ECM, one of the leading research and educational institutions in the area of physiotherapy in Slovenia, in the field of research for quite a while. We would like to upgrade this partnership also to the educational level, training and certifying physiotherapists with the TMG method, because of the knowledge and experience of the AMEU faculty, which is an optimal combination at using the TMG method in sports diagnostics and physiotherapy

Jure Jemec, director TMG-BMC d.o.o.


• prof. dr. Boštjan Šimunič, Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Koper (Science and Research Center Koper), Slovenia
• mag. Mladen Herc, Alma Mater Europaea - ECM, Sloveni a
• dr. Petra Zupet, dr. med., PE prof., Institut for medicine and sports
• Srđan Đorđević, BA in Biology, TMG-BMC d.o.o., Slovenia
• Graduate student of the Faculty of Sports, Sergej Rozman, TMG-BMC d.o.o., Slovenia
• dr. Marko Vidnjevič, Alma Mater Europaea - ECM, Slovenia
• prof. dr. Matjaž Vogrin, dr. med., Univerzitetni klinični center Maribor, Slovenia
• dr. Maurizio Ruga, Juventus Medical, Torino, Italy

Enrolment criteria for participation at the Summer school*

The following people can enrol into the Summer school program:

1. Professionals from the field of physiotherapy, health, medicine, sports and kinesiology with graduation at Bachelor, Master of PhD level,
2. Students who have finished at least the 2nd year of the undergraduate study programme from the above mentioned fields,
3. People with academic or scientific degree and the necessary professional qualifications from item 1 above (such as: masseur, manual therapist, registered nurse, nurse, practitioner, trainer or sports instructor …).

* Participation at the Summer school is limited to 30 participants.

Methods of obtaining the 1st or 2nd level certificate

The first level certificate (I) can be obtained when the participant:

- Shows in writing the theoretical knowledge about TMG method, knows its benefits, applications, etc.,
- Is able to send a person to further measurements,
- Knows how to use the computer graphic interface for performing TMG measurements,
- Knows to demonstrate set-up of electrodes and the sensor on 1 sample muscle.

The second level certificate (II) can be obtained when the participant:

- Succesfully finishes the 1st level (I),
- Is able to provide the basic interpretation of results.

Registration fee**

With included TMG certification
1st level
With included TMG certification
2st level
500 € 650€
Contact person: Urška Gašperin
Mob: +386 70 817 689
** AMEU – ECM students and staff have a 50% reduction of the registration fee for the 1st and 2nd level certificate.


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