Archives Management

Archives management is a science that deals with archival accumulation and evaluation – it includes the receiving, editing and long or short-term storage of documents or archives, which thus ensures their reliability and credibility.

The study program is intended for students who wish to gain introductory knowledge from the field of acquisition and management of archives or documents – it is designed for students who with to gain a “first cycle” degree as accorded by the Bologna process. This is a quality education for the management of documents from their creation (office management) to their securing in an archive, regardless of the information system employed.

The study of archive management is perfect for you should you desire to:

  • obtain knowledge about the functioning and importance of archives;
  • obtain knowledge about archival material in literary form, including historical accounts;
  • master the management of documents throughout various document information systems;

The gained theoretical knowledge, will be pronounced in the real, working environment by means of practice. A high employment rate of our graduates speaks to the ability of our program to enable a quick transition to independence. With knowledge gained studying archives management, our graduates are thus able to:

  • advise and communicate with users of archives, as to ensure their most efficient use;
  • use informations technologies, edit and function within the most widely used computer programs;
  • wholly master the problems related to archives management, decide on the “fate” of documents and understand the processes involved in their long-term storage;
  • evaluate and provide accessibility of information contained within archives or documents;

The program is tailored for a coordination of studies with our students' work and family schedules, and as such does not imply a loss of time and resources by means of transportation to lectures –  course material and lectures are available online at all times, though consultations with professors are always arrangeable. We also arrange videoconferences and provide our students with the means of participation in professional meetings, as well as exchange programs, which grants them opportunities to meet renowned experts in the field.



Archives management is a field of increasing importance in the contemporary world. Knowledge obtained throughout the acquisition of this degree, is useful for professional archives, as well as positions with creators of archives, regardless of the format the information might be in.The study is conducted in small groups with a continuous transfer of knowledge from professor to student. Professors are available to every student daily.

Our program will allow you to meet top experts in the field at conferences, on exchange and by allowing you to participate in professional meetings.

The study program promotes different, more longevous and responsible decision-making in the field, which is crucial to an effective conducting of business with archival and documentary material.

The study of archives management is supported by various modern informations technologies (e-indexes, e-mail, SMS messaging) and is conducted in combination of live or recorded lectures, videoconferences, peer communication and adequately adapted electronic material. Furthermore, our program also utilizes electronic study environments.


As a graduate of the archives management study program, you will be qualified to actualize your professional career as:

  • a leader of archive services in larger companies, ministries, universities or faculties, hospitals or county administrations, as well as larger state- or privately-owned institutions;
  • an archivist in museums, galleries, libraries, archives, organizations, communities and agencies.
  • DURATION: 6 semesters / 3 years
  • TITLE:
  • LOCATION: Slovenia
  • START DATES: October

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