Erasmus incoming


Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, otherwise also known as the capital of Styria. It is a town on the slopes of the green Pohorje mountain, and rolling vineyard-covered hills and the flat Drava plain. About the rich history of the city speaks a charming old town that reflects on the surface of the river Drava. City can be viewed from the raft, which flows along the river Drava in the summer. The old part of the city, Lent, which is adorned with the oldest grapevine in the world attracts visitors from all over the world in the summer due to the well-known summer festival. And in winter in Maribor gather lovers of skiing. Pohorje Golden Fox around the new year turns Maribor into a worldwide ski center.

As said, Lent Festival - major festival event held approximately two weeks at the end of June. Every year the festival attracts theater, opera, ballet performers, classical, modern, and jazz musicians and dancers from all over the world, and of course many visitors. House of the oldest grapevine in the world (Hiša stare trte) - in Maribor is also the world's oldest living grapevine, which in 2004 was recorded in Guinness World Records. The grapevine is about 440 years old.

Student life in Maribor is full of possibilities. Maribor is small so everything is in a walkable distance. If you don’t feel like walking, there is pubic transport all throughout the city.  There is a lot of organized student’s events in a spot, cultural and of course fun sense. Dormitories and private accommodations are quite affordable for every student. Prices are from approximately 100€ or more.  Also there is subsidized nutrition system in restaurants around the city, which means, students can have a proper meal for about half of price (2-3€). There si also a lot of different events, so everyone can find something to their taste.

Maribor is surrounded with beautiful nature and park for any kind of recreation or just walking around or chilling in the meadows


Autumn semester:

Deadline to apply 31st of May

Semester starts 1st of October till 31st of January

Spring semester:

Deadline to apply 30th of November

Semester starts 15th of February 30th of June

  • All incoming exchange students should be officially nominated by the Home University before the students send the applications to Alma Mater Europaea.
  • Before going abroad, you have to agree with your teachers on the lectures and how are you going to replace missed lectures (certain lectures require mandatory participation).
  • Even if you want to stay abroad longer, you must agree with teachers, either through email or by phone.
  • Before going abroad, you must get acquainted with the study program of foreign institutions.
  • With your mentor or coordinators agree on a study program and the study agreement, signed by both the institution and the student.
  • The minimum number of ECTS that the student must obtain abroad in one semester is 20 ECTS and in one year, 40 ECTS.
  • Before going, you must fill out these forms:

o   Application form

o   Learning Agreement or Training Agreement

o   Accommodation form (if needed)

o   Transcript of records (if needed)

The exchange is confirmed when your partner institution / company returns signed study agreement or training agreement and confirms your exchange.

When your agreement is signed from both institutions, it is time for you to start looking for accommodation. There are a few dormitories in Maribor and of course, there is a possibility of private accommodation (studio apartments, single-bed room, double-bed room…). International office in Alma Mater Europaea will gladly assist you with finding a suitable accommodation for your needs.


  • On the foreign institution student is involved in academic life of the department and social life.
  • You have to attend lectures and seminars and carry out the duties which have been agreed before.
  • You have a possibility to use subsidized nutrition system
  • You have an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities (language courses, sport activities, and other social activities and events).


After your study abroad, the host institution will send the conformation of mobility, which will show the student's results. The period of study carried out abroad, will be fully recognized at your home institution for academic purposes, if you complied with all your obligations.

For any other information do not hesitate to contact us:


We would like to make you fill welcome and taken care of. That’s why, we have so called buddy system. For every incoming Erasmus student there is a local student, who will help with finding municipal offices, getting to know places, helping with bureaucracy and all the necessary things one needs to know, when coming to a different country. Non the less, buddies can also help with getting to know local students and social student life in Maribor.

We wish you a lot of fun and we hope you can learn from each other's cultures and languages! If there would still be questions unanswered or remarks, you can always contact us.


Here are some impressions from students and staff, who visited Alma Mater Europaea – ECM on Erasmus+ mobility program. Maybe yours will be next:


When I arrived in Maribor I did not know what to expect. Fortunately, I was extremely surprised in a positive way, of course. Maribor is very nice, clean and welcoming town. Citizens are very open and willing to help and almost everyone speak English quite well. I prepare everything, accommodation and so on, before I arrived so I had no problems in that matter. One of the best things about studying in Maribor is subsidized nutrition system, as everyone here is calling it “food coupons”. That means, that you can have a proper meal twice a day at almost any restaurant for about three euros per meal.

Alma Mater staff and teachers were extremely nice and understanding. There was no problem what so ever. I had a little problem due to different language, but everything was solved and teacher took some extra time to help me. International office helped me out with searching the accommodation, transportation and all the other things, so when I arrive, as I said, everything was in order, special thanks to them.

To sum up, it was great experience and I am grateful for everything, what academic and non-academic staff did, to make studying and living in Maribor perfect.