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A graduate developed an application for golf

Alma Mater web and information technology graduate Timofei Zagladkin completed developing a golf mobile application for iOS and Android.

Modern society actively uses mobile applications, and their popularity is constantly growing. Mobile applications are becoming integral to our daily lives, providing convenience and accessibility in many areas, including social networking, communication, banking, entertainment, health, travel, and much more.
"In my thesis, I showed the processes we need to master to develop a hybrid mobile application that can be developed and installed on at least two mobile operating systems - Android and iOS based on a single source code with minimal changes," explains the graduate.
Through this application, the user can reserve a playing field on the golf course and additional equipment, such as golf clubs and balls. In addition, he will be able to pay the golf club membership fee, which will give him access to various services and benefits.
"The application will also allow monitoring and recording of results and details of the user's games on the golf course, which will allow the user to have a better overview of his games and improve his golf experience," says Zagladkin, adding that for golf club employees, such an application would mean shortening of time spent on telephone conversations, as users would get all the necessary information via the application, thereby relieving the dispatchers.