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FLOW - Academic Staff

1. What is Flow? 

By using Flow of the web interface employees can easily manage courses and other data at the level of participation in lectures. Lecturers can easily record the presence of their students with the help of a QR code – in both live and online lectures. In addition, Flow provides real-time insight into attendance rates of both employees and students. 

2. How to use Flow: 

  1. Login: The user logs into the VIS system and then presses the "Flow" button in the side menu. 

  1. Checking attendance in subjects: During lectures or online meetings, lecturers show students a QR code. The QR code changes every few seconds and can be read with a smartphone. Lecturers can see in real time how many students have just signed up.

  1. Double checking of presence: 
    During lectures or online meetings, lecturers show students a QR code at the beginning and at the end of the term. When the "Display QR code" button is pressed in the first half of the session, a "QR code for registration” is shown to the user. In the second half of the session, the "QR code for check-out" is automatically displayed. The user can also switch between them manually in the menu at the top right. 

  1. Subsequent applications and requests for recognition of attendance: If a student is late for class or cannot read the QR code, lecturers can sign them in manually. Through the online interface, students can also submit requests for recognition of attendance and attach supporting documents. These requests can be processed directly by lecturers. Exempt hours are immediately reflected in student attendance. 

3. User support: 

Studo takes care of the entire support framework (first level, second level, third level). This means that a dedicated support and development team personally responds to user requests in the shortest possible time. Our median first response time is 55 minutes. Regardless of whether it's a feature question or a potential problem, we take immediate action to resolve any issues that arise for students or employees. 

With our fast and efficient support system, Studo reduces the burden on the university's IT department. However, if a student's request goes beyond our area of competence – for example, if they are asking about their studies or if there is a problem with the study information system – we ask them to pass the request on to the university's support team. 

4. Feedback and support 

When students contact you about the Flow app, please direct them to the Feedback and Support tab in the web interface. 

You can find the chat in the lower left corner of the web application. Here we deal with level 1, level 2 and level 3 requests as quickly as possible.