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The Alma Mater Europaea - ECM''s bachelor program in Physical Therapy prepares students to become skilled health workers.

Free seminar for Alma Mater Europaea students in Koper

For more than a decade, the Special Olympics of Slovenia, a sports movement for people with intellectual disabilities, has been addressing the health status of an athlete in the so-called health program that is present in Special Olympics programs worldwide.

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Alma Mater active in Moscow

Moscow-based university MFUA hosted the 10th conference of Archives of the Slavic countries, providing a platform to the representatives of the national archives of Slavic countries to exchange experience and knowledge from the field of digitalization of archives.

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Director of the national Quality Assurance Agency (Nakvis) dr. Demšar was guest at Alma Mater

The guest of honour and speaker at the last graduation ceremony at Alma Mater was prof. dr. Franci Demšar, Director of the National Agency of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (SQAA).

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Dr. Hewick represented Alma Mater

Dr. Laurence Hewick from Toronto held a lecture at the X. conference of scientists and economists from Slovenia and from around the globe at the Institute Jožef Stefan in Ljubljana.

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We will educate archivists of the EU institutions

Alma Mater Europaea - ECM signed a very important memorandum together with the International Institute of Archival Sciences, Maribor / Trieste, EURBICA - European Association of Archivists and the Historical Archives of the European Union during the 29th International Archivists' Day, held from 21 to 22 October 2019 in Koper.

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