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The Alma Mater Europaea - ECM''s bachelor program in Physical Therapy prepares students to become skilled health workers.

Alma Mater for healthy and active aging

Professor David Bogataj attended the General Assembly of the Reference Site Collaborative Network (RSCN) on behalf of Alma Mater Europaea - ECM.

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Holistic approach: To develop and educate the child's whole personality

The comprehensive renovation of the educational system in Slovenia must consider and apply a holistic approach, highlighted in the special appendix of the publication: Proposal of a strategic plan for the renovation of the educational system in the Republic of Slovenia. It includes the much-needed modern vision, plan, and content of the comprehensive renovation of the educational system, which in this way avoids the dangerous traps of reductionism, determinism, and partial solutions.

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Correct positions of patients after a stroke

Ajda Rak, a graduate of physiotherapy at Alma Mater, drew attention to the importance of positioning patients after a stroke in the correct positions with an excellent final assignment, as this affects their health and well-being.

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Social gerontologists are vital in overcoming the loneliness of the elderly

Alma Mater student Urška Kunčič works at the Retirement home Ljutomer. She says that the work of a social gerontologist was significant during the coronavirus. She demonstrated this in her final assignment, where she focused on the problems of the elderly in nursing homes during the coronavirus epidemic.

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Professionally experts are needed for dignity in archival science

Social and technological changes are also reflected in the field of archival science. The 8th International Symposium of Archivists, entitled Security and Dignity in Archival Theory and Practice, which will be held within the framework of the 11th International Scientific Conference It Matters to Man 2023, will be dedicated to this topic.

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