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The Alma Mater Europaea - ECM''s bachelor program in Physical Therapy prepares students to become skilled health workers.

Covid-19 dramatically impacted children with autism

In a lecture at the Alma Mater in Maribor, the internationally recognized expert on autism Dr Vladimir Trajkovski explained the negative effects of covid-19 on children with autism spectrum disorder.

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Skills for effective project management

Alma Mater participated in the meeting of the PM2EU project in Madrid, the purpose of which was to offer project managers the appropriate tools for effective management.

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World Multiple Sclerosis Day

On World Multiple Sclerosis Day (May 25), our physiotherapy students provided information on physiotherapy treatment for patients with multiple sclerosis.

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We improve the quality of teaching and learning

We finished with the pedagogical and didactic training of the academic staff of universities and higher education institutions.

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Alma Mater signed the Three Seas Universities Network agreement

Alma Mater Europaea signed an agreement with the rectors of eleven universities from the countries of the Three Seas region on the establishment of the Three Seas Universities Network.

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