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Mission, Vision and Strategy


The basic mission of AMEU is to develop and implement quality, complementary and sought for European-oriented applied and competitive programmes needed primarily by the business sectors of Slovenia and Central Europe.

The mission of AMEU is to implement top-quality pedagogical and scientific research programmes in various fields, and to serve the community as a university centre promoting the development, spread and use of knowledge in the field of various sciences. AMEU has developed the cooperation with universities in the region and other European countries with the aim of acquiring and implementing new knowledge, and developing the new knowledge in cooperation with other universities in the region.

AMEU therefore contributes to the economic and cultural development and the creation of values, and fulfils the local, national and regional mission in the educational, research and cultural fields on the basis of a transnationality and interdisciplinary approach.


AMEU’s vision is to become an international education centre, a centre of excellence in education and research, which will use its strategic and applied research to creatively solve economic, technological, health and socio-political, ecological and climate and intercultural issues of Central Europe, primarily  the Danube Region and the Balkans.

As an open academic community it will offer, in association with its partners, projects for the economic and technological development, peace and democracy, sustainable development and the development of an ecological balance in the region, thereby contributing to European reintegration.

Development Strategy

The work of AMEU is based on the following strategic policies:

-      the development of study programmes in the fields that have the greatest number of job positions available;

-      the development of fundamental scientific disciplines on which study programmes are based; 

-      the implementation of applied scientific research activity and the transfer of achievements into the environment;

-      the cooperation with commercial and other organisations;

-      the performance of professional development and consulting work;

-      an international connection with education and research institutions.