International symposium of doctoral students

19.01. 2022.

On Monday, 31 January 2022, doctoral students will meet at the 1st International Symposium. The event, organized by the Department of Archival Sciences and Records management at Alma Mater Europaea, so far lists 18 delegates from ten countries, with more expected. They will present their work and publish the expected results of their doctoral dissertations.

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New leadership: Vid Vedlin is the new president of the Alma Mater Student council

11.01. 2022.

Vid Vedlin was elected president and Anja Lašič vice president at the constitutive meeting of the Alma Mater Europaea Student Council for 2021/22. Vedlin replaced Matej Mravljak as president, who had done an excellent job.

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New Year’s address

23.12. 2021.

Dear students, dear colleagues, friends, the year 2021 is coming to an end. It was full of surprises, good and less good. A good thing about Alma Mater Europaea (AMEU - ECM) is that we have ended the year successfully. We have fulfilled our education and research plans and exceeded our professional and technical skills to deal with the new surprises of the pandemic. It’s less good, though, that we can’t meet in person to shake hands, hug, and wish each other Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. That is why I am sharing with you this more comprehensive message.

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Social gerontology: we were first in Europe

17.12. 2021.

The Long-Term Care Act, recently passed by the National Assembly, is a historic event for students and lecturers in social gerontology study programs.

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Science communicates: new approaches and education - HybridLab project

16.12. 2021.

Scientists and researchers in the connected world today need more skills than ever to develop creative skills (culture, visual literacy, soft skills in communicating research projects, etc.) and visual communication skills,organization, and information design (data, data visualization, artificial intelligence technologies).

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New president of Tutors – Klara Trček

10.11. 2021.

Alma Mater tutors have new leadership. Klara Trček, a second-year physiotherapy student at Alma Mater in Ljubljana, was elected as their president.

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Professor Ludvik Toplak receives Lifetime Achievement Award

23.10. 2021.

At the 47th Symposium Days of Slovenian Lawyers, professional colleagues awarded a high recognition to Professor Ludvik Toplak, PhD, President of Alma Mater Europaea - ECM. Professor Toplak received recognition for his life's work in the field of legal profession.

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New tutors for the academic year 2021/202

19.10. 2021.

At THIS link you can see who the tutors are in the new academic year. The selection commission, composed of the assoc. prof. Sebastjan Kristovič, PhD, assist. prof. Tine Kovačič, PhD, Mladen Herc, M.Sc. and Katarina Pernat, chose among those students who had applied to become student tutors.

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Freshmen, welcome to Alma Mater!

06.10. 2021.

Already the 13th generation of Alma Mater students began the study process on September 30th. During the iduction day, which took place live in Ljubljana and Maribor, we welcomed the freshmen, and more than half of the new generation joined us through the ZOOM conference. "I believe that you have chosen your studies well and that you will fulfill your expectations and wishes of your parents and all those who accompany you on the path of your education, in your preparations for a good profession and a prestigious status in society," stressed professor Ludvik Toplak, PhD, president of Alma Mater.

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First doctor of science from the field of Project management

01.10. 2021.

"Alma Mater Europaea - ECM (Alma Mater) marked an important event in the development of its academic activity on September 30, 2021 – the first student finished his PhD in the field of project management and received the doctorate of science in project management," explained prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak, President of Alma Mater. Among the well-wishers was also professor Mladen Radujković, study dean of the doctoral study programme Project Management at Alma Mater.

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