Mr. Branko Meh was guest at the Senate meeting of Alma Mater

12.07. 2019.

The Senate of Alma Mater, lead by prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak, hosted the President of the Slovene Chamber of Craft and Commerce, Mr. Branko Meh.

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Joint master study program, web sciences

07.06. 2019.

AMEU ECM management and Head of the department of web sciences at AMEU ECM have signed the consortium agreement with the University of Mostar for accreditation of the joint master study program on web sciences. Rector of the University of Mostar prof. dr. sc. Zoran Tomič and president of AMEU ECM, prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak are convinced that the program will attract the students from Bosnia and Hercegovina, as well Slovene students. The first cohort is expected to enrol in 2020/21.

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Project Young EU Voices, all-European screening programs for early detection of cancer

22.05. 2019.

The AMEU ECM students and professor successfully completed the project Young EU Voices in cooperation with AS television from Murska Sobota.

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Physiotherapy department hosted two professional athletes with disabilities, Darko Đurić and Nino Batagelj

20.05. 2019.

Students who selected the elective course Sports activities of people with disabilities hosted two professional athletes with disabilities during their Saturday classes under the mentorship of their lecturer Tine Kovačič. Two athletes, who visited them, were Paralympic athlete Darko Đurić, who is also the World and European champion in swimming, and Nino Batagelj, who obtained great results at the most recent European Championship in dancing.

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Tine Kovačič at the physiotherapy congress in Geneva

17.05. 2019.

Our lecturer and mentor of numerous diploma thesis at Alma Mater, Tine Kovačič, who is also the president of the Physiotherapy Association of Slovenia was among the participants at the recent physiotherapy congress in Geneva.

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First scholarships for Physiotherapy students

08.03. 2019.

President of AMEU ECM prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak AMEU ECM and Director of Physikoinstitut Gesundhetspark Deutschlandsberg, signed the agreement on academic and business-technological cooperation on 8th of March 2019.

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Third Rectors Conference of South-Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans in Mostar

11.02. 2019.

From 7th till 8th of February 2019, the University of Mostar hosted the 3rd Rectors Conference of South-Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans, attended by 30 universities from the Western Balkans.

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NEW STUDY PROGRAMME: Web and Information Technologies

18.01. 2019.

The Slovene Agency for Quality Assurance (NAKVIS) gave green light with the accreditation of a new study programme of the 1st Bologna cycle at Alma Mater Europaea – ECM: Web and Information Technologies. The programme shall start in the academic year 2019/2020. It will be presented in detail at the study fair Informativa in Ljubljana at the end of January, as well as at the Study Info days in February 2019.

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06.12. 2018.

MARIBOR. In the year 2009, Alma Mater enrolled the first group of students - 100 students of Nursing and Physiotherapy in Murska Sobota. ”These were the times of the economic crisis that touched Pomurje region most of all. And that in itself was the challenge, through which we offered study programmes to those young people who were looking forward to further education in the field of professions with high potential. We hoped that he government of Slovenia would recognize this too, by giving us financial support for the studies” said prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak, president of Alma Mater Europaea – ECM.

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Internship abroad

05.11. 2018.

PIC Management helps students to find their perfect internship abroad.

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