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The Alma Mater Europeaea is composed of the Alma Mater Europaea ECM, the Alma Mater Europaea Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (ISH), the Alma Mater Research Center, and the Dance Academy.

The Alma Mater Europaea ECM Senate

The Senate is a governing body within a university that is composed of representatives from the faculty and students. It oversees academic policies, curriculum development, and other matters related to the academic aspects of the institution.

The Senate plays a significant role in shaping the academic environment, ensuring quality, and upholding the mission and values of the university. It approves new programs, reviews and revises existing courses, and addresses student and faculty concerns.

Members of the Senate are appointed by the Academic Assembly for a period of two years. Members of the Senate are:


  • Professor Ludvik Toplak, PhD


  • Professor Jana Goriup, PhD

  • Professor Mario Plenković, PhD

  • Senior lecturer Edvard Jakšič

  • Professor Mladen Radujković, PhD

  • Professor Jurij Toplak, PhD

  • Senior lecturer Mladen Herc

  • Associate professor Peter Pavel Klasinc, PhD

  • Assistant professor Jernej Završnik, PhD

  • Associate professor Sebastjan Kristovič, PhD

  • Associate professor Matej Mertik, PhD

  • Professor Lenart Škof, PhD

  • Alen Pavlec, student

  • Luka Pehnec, student

  • Sara Vatovec, student

Representative of EASA

  • Professor Boštjan Žekš, PhD

The President

The President of Alma Mater Europaea is Professor Ludvik Toplak, Ph.D. He is has been the founding president since the founding of the Alma Mater Europaea's predecessor, the European Centre Maribor, in 2007.

The heads of individual study programs constitute the Presidents’ Collegium. The President's Collegium meets monthly.

The Management Board

The Alma Mater Europaea ECM Management Board is responsible for making important decisions about the institution's overall direction, strategic planning, and governance. 

The founders' representatives in the Manaement Board are: 

  • Ludvik Toplak, Ph.D., Professor

  • Jurij Toplak, Ph.D., Professor

  • Barbara Toplak Perovič, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

The Academic Assembly

The Academic Assembly is comprised of all faculty and student representatives. All teachers, researchers are members of the Academic Assembly. The Academic Assembly meets at least once a year. Students are invited to attend its meetings. 

The purpose of the assembly is to discuss and make decisions on various academic matters, share information, and address concerns related to the institution's academic programs and policies. Faculty members collectively represent the academic voice of the institution and contribute their expertise in shaping the curriculum, academic standards, and other policies that affect the educational experience of students. 

Associate Professor Sebastjan Kristovič, Ph.D., serves as the Chairman of the Academic Assembly.

The Student Council 

The student Council is a students' representative body and it is elected by students. It helps share students' ideas, interests and concerns.