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The senate is one of the highest organizational bodies in the university. Its most important tasks are passing the statute, approving the curricula, participating in habilitation and appeals proceedings as well as making second instance decisions regarding study matters.

The Senate is an expert body of the institution which decides on all expert issues of the institute. The Chairman of the institution is the President of the institution. Members of the Senate are appointed by the Academic Assembly for a period of two years or until the appointment of a new Chairman. Members of the Senate were appointed by the Academic Assembly as below:


  • Professor Ludvik Toplak, PhD


  • Professor Jana Goriup, PhD

  • Professor Mario Plenković, PhD

  • Senior lecturer Edvard Jakšič

  • Professor Mladen Radujković, PhD

  • Professor Jurij Toplak, PhD

  • Senior lecturer Mladen Herc

  • Associate professor Peter Pavel Klasinc, PhD

  • Assistant professor Jernej Završnik, PhD

  • Associate professor Sebastjan Kristovič, PhD

  • Associate professor Matej Mertik, PhD

  • Professor Lenart Škof, PhD

  • Vid Vedlin, student

  • Tanita Knežević, student

  • Ema Štembergar, student

Representative of EASA

  • Professor Boštjan Žekš, PhD