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Career Center

The excellent qualifications and training that you’ll receive at Alma Mater Europaea are only part of what you’ll need to attract employers in today’s market. Besides providing our students with the best education possible we also want to give them the opportunity to form contacts with future employers.

Career Services Department

It is essential that students prepare themselves for the labor market early so they are not taken by surprise.  If you begin building your strategy while you are still studying, you will be able to start on your path to success right after graduation.

There are a few skills which are useful in any field of business: international exposure and experience, knowledge of multiple languages, adaptability, drive, ambition and a willingness to do what it takes.

Our Career Center focuses on meeting the needs of students and alumni, as well as helping recruiters identify talent. We are actively engaged in employer outreach, providing students with a wide variety of internship opportunities.

Career Services supports student career advancement through:

• counseling and mentoring
• career workshops
• excursions to organizations where students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with real-world working environments
• procurement of internships and job opportunities

For more information please contact our Career Services Department.