The most influential global leader in sustainable development is coming to Alma Mater

30.01. 2023.

Jeffrey D. Sachs, a world-renowned professor of economics, is an innovative educator and global leader in the field of sustainable development who has developed effective strategies for solving complex challenges, including the escape from extreme poverty, the global fight against human-caused climate change, international debt and financial crisis, national economic reforms, and the control of pandemic and epidemic diseases.

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The state of education on autism spectrum disorders at universities

30.01. 2023.

Over the past two decades, autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, has become a more common diagnosis among children worldwide, and represents a diagnosis that transcends racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic differences.

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Professionally experts are needed for dignity in archival science

23.01. 2023.

Social and technological changes are also reflected in the field of archival science. The 8th International Symposium of Archivists, entitled Security and Dignity in Archival Theory and Practice, which will be held within the framework of the 11th International Scientific Conference It Matters to Man 2023, will be dedicated to this topic.

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Perpetual Peace in Europe: Back to the Future?

19.01. 2023.

Alma Mater Europaea – Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis will hold a round table Perpetual Peace in Europe: Back to the Future? at the 11th Annual Conference of Europe's Sciences and Arts Leaders and Scholars, It's About People 2023, in cooperation with the Science and Research Centre Koper.

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Symposium on improving the quality and effectiveness of education and learning

18.10. 2022.

As part of the Designing for Enhanced Competence through Active Participation in Higher Education (DECAP - HE) project, a Symposium on improving the quality and efficiency of teaching and learning took place at Alma Mater Europaea - ECM.

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Alma Mater signed Magna Charta Universitatum 2020

17.09. 2022.

The president of Alma Mater Europaea, Ludvik Toplak, takes part in the ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum in Bologna. At an event that brings together world university leaders, the Alma Mater signed the Magna Charta declaration, which declares the connection between the research and educational work of universities and emphasizes academic freedom and institutional and economic autonomy.

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Professor Toplak's book launched at Oxford University

22.08. 2022.

Professor Jurij Toplak, co-editor of the book and one of the world’s leading election experts, presented the Routledge Handbook of Election Law at Oxford University last week.

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Department of Social gerontology Alma Mater Europaea-ECM invites you to seminar regarding development of municipal social infrastructure: OPPORTUNITIES FOR NEW JOBS IN RURAL AREAS

09.06. 2022.

According to the new Long-Term Care Act (ZDOsk, Ur. l. RS, No. 196/21) adopted on 9 December 2021, several issues arise that must be resolved by municipalities.

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Assistant prof. dr. Tine Kovačič at the meeting of leading European physical therapists

27.05. 2022.

The study dean of the doctoral study programme physiotherapy, assistant prof. dr. Tine Kovačič, also president of the Slovene Association of physical therapists participated at the three-day meeting of leading physiotherapists within the Europe region - World Physiotherapy. He took part in numerous formal and informal discussions.

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The Student Council successfully conducted a student conference

19.05. 2022.

"The AMEU-ECM Student Council is honoured to have had the opportunity to host the 14th Student Conference in the Field of Health Sciences this year. We are very pleased with the response, as students from 8 participating faculties presented 52 contributions," said Vid Vedlin, President of the Alma Mater Student Council, at the end of the Student Health Sciences Conference hosted by the Alma Mater Student Council in Maribor this year.

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