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Support for Ukraine

Alma Mater Europaea stands in solidarity with all people who are affected by the war in Ukraine. We condemn any acts of military intervention and join the calls for peaceful and diplomatic resolution of the conflict in Ukraine. Our special concern is the Ukrainian academic community, students, professors, and the university staff, as well as our partner institutions.

Alma Mater Europaea advocates to offer all necessary support to assist students from Ukraine to continue with their studies at our institution and to ensure smooth enrolment to Ukrainian students in the academic year 2022/2023. The university staff from Ukraine is welcome to reach out to us for any aid. We will make sure you feel safe and welcome while staying at Alma Mater Europaea.

Please contact us for any information, assistance or help at or .


Candidates for study

  • If you are interested to study at Alma Mater, see our programs here. Please contact the international office for further information and the medium of instruction of a specific study program.
  • Submit your application via the national application portal EvŠ . See the steps on the application process on our website.
  • In case you wish to study in Slovene language, you can start learning on the website free of charge. Contact us for information about language schools or language courses in Slovenia.

Please check whether you are eligible to obtain the temporary protection for displaced persons from Ukraine in Republic of Slovenia on the page Slovenia's assistance to the citizens of Ukraine.


Candidates for Erasmus+ exchange – short term mobilities

You are welcome to join Alma Mater as an exchange student for a semester or whole academic year in the framework of the Erasmus+ program. Information about the exchange at Alma Mater are here,  see the courses in English . Please contact for application instructions and scholarship options. 


Professors and university staff

In case you wish to work at Alma Mater, please send an application to . For cooperation, exchanges or any other assistance please write to .


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