Courses in English

At Alma Mater – ECM, we conduct subjects, implemented in English language for Erasmus students. Here is the list:


Courses available in each semester:

Course title



Physical Therapy 1 6
Physical Therapy 2 5
Physical therapy skills 2 5
Research methods in physiotherapy 5
Education for healthy lifestyle 5
Sport activities for disabled people 5
Psychology 5
Special topics in physical therapy I 5
Physical therapy clinical practice (only in winter semester) 7


Courses available in exceptional cases (only if there is a large group of interested students):

Course title



Clinical medicine I: surgery / ortopedics / traumathology 5
Clinical medicine II: cardiology and pulmology / pediatrics / gynecology and obstetrics 3
Clinical medicine III: neurology / neurosurgery 4
Physical therapy skills I 6


Management 8
Modern leadership (MA) 6
Communication management 8
Research, research methods and statistics (MA) 10
Business informatics 8
Corporate social responsibility (MA) 6
Career development 6


Anthropology of family life 3
Basics of informatics 6
Project work in social gerontology 6
Sociology of ageing (PhD) 10
Gerontological and anthropological analysis interpretations (PhD) 10
Elderly person, family, and social networks (PhD) 10
Designing in gerontology (MA) 10
Operational methodology in Social gerontology (MA) 10


Contemporary critical philosophy 6
American pragmatism and political philosophy 6
Philosophy of law and human rights 6
History of religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam 6
Philosophy of education and democracy 6
Meaning and sense in European metaphysics (MA) 10
Hermeneutics of religious discourses (MA) 10


Health and disease sociology 3
Health care and social legislation 3
Health care education and promotion of health methodology 3
Public health 3
Nursing and healthcare psychology 3
Biophysics 1

For any more info about the subjects contact International office.