Application call for Erasmus+ mobility at Alma Mater

APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 1, 2022 or until available funds

ESTIMATED MOBILITY PERIOD: June 1, 2021 – May 31, 2022

Based on the agreement with the National Agency – The Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Program (CMEPIUS) and approved funds, Alma Mater Europaea (hereinafter: Alma Mater) herewith publishes


The Erasmus + program enables students to complete a part of regular study obligations at any  study level/ cycle of study (including the preparation of bachelor, masters or doctoral thesis, but excluding research work that is not linked to study obligation) at a partner institution or a company abroad.

Partner institutions abroad: Students may complete a part of their studies at the institutions with pre-signed Erasmus+ interinstitutional agreement for relevant study field. The partner institutions of Alma Mater are listed here. However,  no prior agreement between Alma Mater and an institution/ a company is required to conduct traineeship – students are free to choose any company/ institution in participating countries that enables them internship in their study field.

A partner institution or a company is not allowed to charge visiting students any tuition, enrolment or exam fees, library entry, laboratory use or similar; a student can only be charged with (basic/ necessary) insurance fee, membership in a student organization, study material (copies, laboratory material, etc.).

Erasmus+ mobility for study exchange or traineeship takes place in the following (so called program) countries:  European Union members, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, North Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia.

The study exchange at a partner institution abroad can take place a minimum of 3 months to a maximum 12 months, whereas the practical training abroad can last a minimum of 2 months to a maximum 12 months.



Basic conditions to attend the Erasmus+ mobility programme:

  • an active student status at the time of application,
  • to meet the conditions for progression to the next study year at the Alma Mater before going abroad,
  • sufficient knowledge of a foreign language required by a partner institution/ company.

Additional conditions:

  • Mobility for the purpose of study: undergraduate students can only take part in the exchange in the second year of study.


A student has the possibility to participate in Erasmus+ mobility in total 12 months at each level of study.

In case a student does not manage to execute the traineeship during the studies (when still having valid student status), it is possible to conduct it within 12 months after graduation, however, a student has to submit the application for Erasmus+ traineeship when still having valid student status and complete the traineeship within 12 months after graduation date.

The period of study abroad must be a part of student's study program.

The mobility for studies may also include internships. Such combined mobility intertwines academic and practical experience abroad and can be organized depending on circumstances: activities may take place one after the other or at the same time. The same rules as mobility for studies apply to combined mobility (funds allocation, minimum duration et.).

Prior to departure abroad, study obligations must be defined and confirmed by Alma Mater and the partner institution in the study agreement and the agreement about recognition of study obligations. Upon return home, the study obligations completed abroad are recognised at Alma Mater, unless the student does not reach the level of knowledge/ skills required by the host institution or does not otherwise meet the obligations and conditions, specified in study agreements.

Study obligations abroad should consist of courses that student completes at the partner institution and are recognised by Alma Mater (mobility for studies). The recognition of courses is conducted by head of study programme, whilst the recognition of traineeship is decided by head of study programme and coordinator of practice.

The study agreement/ traineeship agreement ought to be approved by the student, the Erasmus coordinator at Alma Mater and the responsible person at the partner institution abroad, before attending the mobility. The grant agreement is formed after approval of the study/ traineeship agreement by the Alma Mater and the host university/ foreign company.

The student has to undertake the online language test in the OLS tool before and at the end of the mobility period. Online Linguistic Support (OLS) allows students to assess their knowledge of the language used during the studies or practice.



 The Erasmus + grant only co-finances the costs of living abroad and does not cover full expenses.

The grant is approved only for the period specified in the letter of admission by the host university/ company or for the duration of study obligations in compliance with the academic calendar of the host university.

  1. The National Agency CMEPIUS has determined the Erasmus+ financial grant for each group of countries for the contractual year 2020 – 2022 as follows:

Group 1: Program countries with higher living costs

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden

520 EUR/month

Group 2: Program countries with medium cost of living

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Malta, France, Italy

470 EUR/ month

Group 3: Program countries with lower cost of living

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Serbia

420 EUR/ month

Addition to the basic Erasmus + financial grant for traineeship: 100 EUR/ month.

  1. In addition to the Erasmus + financial grant, students who meet the conditions of the public call “Ad futura scholarships for individual mobility of students abroad within the Erasmus+ program” can apply for additional scholarship from the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia.

The additional scholarship is 27.97 EUR/ month and is received only for months student receives an Erasmus+ grant.

  1. Students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds may apply for an additional scholarship (additional incentive for the socially disadvantaged) to the basic Erasmus + financial grant.