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Application call for Erasmus+ mobility at Alma Mater


  • Academic year 2023/2024: until funds available (only for internships/ practice)
  • Academic year 2024/2025: until 01.03.2024

Based on the agreement with the National Agency – The Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Program (CMEPIUS) and approved funds, Alma Mater Europaea (hereinafter: Alma Mater) herewith publishes


The Erasmus + program enables students to complete a part of regular study obligations at any  study level/ cycle of study (including the preparation of bachelor, masters or doctoral thesis, but excluding research work that is not linked to study obligation) at a partner institution or a company abroad.

Students can choose between two types of Erasmus+ mobility: study exchange or internship/ traineeship. The period of study abroad may also include an traineeship. Such combined mobility creates synergies between academic and practical experiences.

Study exchange: plan a semester abroad at one of the partner institution of Alma Mater.

Internships/ traineeships: conduct it in any institution/company/organization/institute, etc., which is related to your study program. An internship can be done in one of AMEU's clinical bases or according to your choice.

Erasmus+ mobility for study exchange or traineeship takes place in the following (so called program) countries:  European Union members, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, North Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia.

The study exchange at a partner institution abroad can take place a minimum of 3 months to a maximum 12 months, whereas the practical training abroad can last a minimum of 2 months to a maximum 12 months.



A student has the possibility to participate in Erasmus+ mobility in total 12 months at each level of study.

In case a student does not manage to execute the traineeship during the studies (when still having valid student status), it is possible to conduct it within 12 months after graduation, however, a student must submit the application for Erasmus+ traineeship when still having valid student status and complete the traineeship within 12 months after graduation date.

The period of study abroad must be a part of student's study program.

Basic conditions to attend the Erasmus+ mobility programme:

  • an active student status at the time of application,

  • to meet the conditions for progression to the next study year at the Alma Mater before going abroad,

  • sufficient knowledge of a foreign language required by a partner institution/ company.

 Additional conditions:

  • mobility for the purpose of study: undergraduate students can only take part in the exchange in the second year of study.


Erasmus+ mobility takes place in the following (so called program) countries: member states of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, North Macedonia and Serbia. Mobility in other countries of the world may be possible exceptionally or by agreement.


Long-term mobility:

  • mobility for study or traineeship must last a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months.

Short-term blended mobility:

  • in case the long-term mobility is not possible, you plan a short-term mobility, which must last a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 30 days,

  • must consist of a virtual and a physical part,

  • you must receive a minimum of 3 ECTS for the mobility.

Mobility for doctoral students:

  • as a doctoral student, you can choose between long-term study exchange or internship (by months) or

  • short-term mobility, which should last a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 30 days. Virtual part is not necessary.


Information about the application process and the application form is here.


Before the mobility:

A student is obliged to:

  • inform the international office about the type of the mobility and partner institution/ company for traineeship.

  • define which study obligations will be conducted abroad and enter the content of your mobility or the comparison of subjects in the study agreement:

    • the comparison of courses is conducted/ confirmed by head of study programme. Fill in the study agreement in digital form or use the template prescribed by the partner university.

    • the content/ recognition of traineeship is decided by head of study programme or/and coordinator of practice. Use the agreement template in the attachment or the template prescribed by the company.

  • sign the grant agreement.

  • arrange a proper health insurance.

  • complete the language test here.

  • arrange accommodation, visa (residence permit) and transport.

During the mobility:

Notify the international office about any changes (e.g. changes to subjects or content of practice).

After the mobility:

Completed courses at the partner university or the content of the internship should be recognized by Alma Mater Europaea, based on the study/ traineeship agreement. The application for the recognition of mobility, along with supporting documents, should be submitted to the Committee of Study Affairs.

In addition, to complete the mobility and receive the remaining part of the grant, a student must submit the following evidence of completed study/ traineeship obligations:

  • a transcript of grades issued by the host university (study exchange) or a fully completed and signed traineeship agreement (traineeship),

  • a certificate of duration of mobility issued by a foreign institution or company,

  • report about Erasmus+ experience,

  • any other documents.

All supporting documents must be sent to the the international office.


Long-term mobilities

Group 1: Program countries with higher living costs

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden

600 EUR/month

Group 2: Program countries with medium cost of living

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Malta, France, Italy

600 EUR/ month

Group 3: Program countries with lower cost of living

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Serbia

540 EUR/ month

Group 4: Other countries (non-eu)

Other countries (non-eu)

700 EUR/ month


Short-term mobilities

Students of all years and levels are entitle to short-term (blended) mobilities.

Daily grant (all countries): 70 EUR/ day until the 14th day of the activity and 50 EUR/ day between the 15th and 30th day of mobility.

Possible additions to the financial grant:

  • Top up for traineeship: 150 EUR/ month.

  • Additional support for students with fewer opportunities 2 : 100 - 250 EUR/ month.

  • Top-up for green travel 3: 50 EUR + extra days for traveling days.

  • Additional travel support: based on mileage.

  • Additional support for students with special needs 4


2  Alma Mater is committed to providing equal opportunities, access and inclusion for all students and staff in Erasmus+ mobility programs. A person with fewer opportunities is a potential participant that complies with inclusion and diversity criteria, which can be found here. To receive the additional support, please contact the international office.
 A green travel is considered as a trip with transport with lower emissions, such as bus, train or car sharing.
4  Persons with special needs include individuals who need additional professional help or adjustments for the implementation of the mobility. For more information contact the international office.