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Students - Success stories

Yahaya, the young man who changed my view of the world

02.10. 2023.

Petra Bošnjak, the student of physiotherapy at Alma Mater, joined the student project “Physiotherapists without Borders” expedition to Ghana. She describes the experience as unforgettable, sharing her impressions in the letter below. Worth reading!

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Gold in classic massage

29.05. 2023.

Alma Mater physiotherapy graduate Iza Gobar, former world champion in massage, won first place in the Balkan competition.

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Alma Mater was one of the best decisions of my life

19.04. 2023.

Kaja Chorążykiewicz has always dreamed of leaving her family town, Wrocław in Poland, and seek opportunities and challenges elsewhere. The Erasmus+ exchange brought her to Alma Mater Europaea in Maribor, a city she knew nothing about.

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Alma Mater - the best experience and the best mentors

18.04. 2023.

An Erasmus+ exchange (traineeship) brought Julius Koivula, a physiotherapy student from Finland, to Alma Mater. He describes the experience as invaluable.

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Memories of a study exchange in Budapest

17.04. 2023.

Johanna Greiner, an Alma Mater Europaea - Dance Academy student, shared her exciting experiences. Her Erasmus+ study exchange took her from Ljubljana to Budapest for four months.

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Studying abroad broadens my horizons

13.04. 2023.

Carolin Saskia Liese is an exchange student at Alma Mater Europaea from our partner institution University for Health Studies in Bochum, Germany. Under the mentorship of Assistant Professor Mateja Vadnjal, she wrote an excellent essay about Sustainability and human rights by Alberto de Franceschi, related to our annual conference “It's About People”.

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Strengthening breath with physiotherapy

03.04. 2023.

Physiotherapy graduate Mojca Haberman is an exceptional scuba diver which requires an outstanding mental and physical preparation. In her final thesis, she focuses on breathing and respiratory diseases. She is convinced that not enough attention is given to this natural life process.

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Sport climbing and studying physiotherapy as shortcuts to health

16.02. 2023.

Alma Mater Europaea physiotherapy student Maja Kramberger devotes her free time to sports climbing. The Mayans discovered scoliosis ten years ago—lateral curvature of the spine with rotation of the vertebrae. Sport climbing, which positively affects muscle strengthening, was why she started practicing this sport.

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Lana Ritlop on an internship in Turkey

15.02. 2023.

Our highly successful student Lana Ritlop called from Turkey, where she is doing an internship at Erciyes University Clinic through Erciyes University. Under the auspices of her mentor, Dr. Öğr. Üyesi İsa Cüce devotes herself mainly to several months of research in the field of neuro physiotherapy.

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Lifelong education of healthcare workers is inevitable nowadays

15.02. 2023.

Lidija Zorman, who completed her master's degree in nursing at Alma Mater, is convinced that formal education is no longer enough, as the general standard requires permanent education and thus the continuous development of skills, virtues, and abilities of the individual.

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