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Treatment of sports injuries

A graduate of physiotherapy at Alma Mater, Luka Horvat, under the mentorship of Tatjana Horvat, determined the beneficial effects of eccentric exercise in the rehabilitation of sports injuries of the lower extremities.

"Due to its specific physiological and mechanical characteristics, eccentric training represents an effective method in treating sports injuries of the lower extremities. It can be used alone or with additional physiotherapeutic methods and techniques that speed up the healing process. The physiotherapist must be suitably qualified, able to teach the patient how to perform the exercises correctly, possibly increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise depending on the individual, and assess which physiotherapy procedures can be added," graduate Luka Horvat summarizes the theoretical starting points of the thesis.
A sports injury is the type that most often occurs during exercise or sports. They are divided into two categories: acute and chronic wounds. A sudden injury characterizes acute injuries, while chronic injuries usually develop gradually over a long period and are caused by prolonged overuse of a part of the body.
"Eccentric exercise is by far the most researched method for treating tendinopathies. Studies have confirmed that this type of exercise positively treats both achilar and patellar tendinopathy. Eccentric exercise accelerates the regeneration of damaged tendon tissue, improves functional capacity, and reduces pain. Besides, it can be performed almost anywhere," emphasizes the graduate, adding that other physiotherapeutic methods and techniques (ultrasound-guided galvanic electrolysis technique) have a positive effect on the treatment of tendinopathies of the lower extremities, vibration training ...), which are used together with eccentric exercise.
"It is crucial that the physiotherapist chooses the right combination of therapeutic approaches."