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Management Board

The Management Board decides on material issues and ensures an unhindered business activity of the institution.

The Management Board is a management body made up of five members – four representatives of the founder, two representatives of the institution and one representative of the students. The members are appointed for a period of four years and the representatives of the students for one year. In the 2014/2015 study year, the Management Board had the following members:



Smiljan Perović


Representatives of the founder

  • Smiljan Perović
  • Professor Ludvik Toplak, PhD
  • Barbara Toplak Perović, Msc
  • Associate Professor Jurij Toplak, Phd


Representatives of the institution  

  • Dijana Štiglic, Msc
  • Tomaž Klojčnik, Msc


Representative of the students

Dragica Korenjak