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A lecture by a renowned professor from Belgium

The renowned Belgian professor of philosophy of medicine and ethics, Dr Ignaas Devisch from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ghent, last Friday gave a lecture at Alma Mater Europaea ISH on the topic 'It's just me, my health and I? On the place of sickness and health in society'.

Ignaas Devisch focuses mainly on philosophical questions in healthcare. He is the author of several acclaimed books and an expert member of the Belgian Supreme Health Council, the highest consultative body for creating science-based guidelines for health care. In 2021, he became the general director of the Itiniera think tank.

Dr. Devisch focused on questions about what the concepts of illness and health mean in our society and what we strive for with the development of medicine; to what extent individual responsibility for one's health is justified and when does it excessively burden a person; and how much we are aware of the danger of the ubiquitous and unattainable ideal of perfect health, which can make our lives permeated with a chronic, incurable disease of apparent health, behind which strategic interests stand.

Dr Gašper Pirc moderated the lecture, and the dean of AMEU-ISH, Dr. Lenart Škof, gave the opening words.