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Alma Mater at the Rector's Forum

Alma Mater Europaea is participating in the 7th Rector's Forum of Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans at the University of Rijeka.

This forum aims to enhance collaboration among universities and amplify the influence of academic institutions in this region. It is an outcome of the Berlin process, which focuses on integrating Southeastern Europe more effectively.

The forum's objectives include promoting European science and higher education policies, sharing best practices, and fostering cooperation in joint projects. Its mission is to enable a sense of a shared future and replace the culture of hostility with a shared vision of a common destiny. 

The 7th Rector's Forum has attracted 73 representatives from universities in the region, including the president of Alma Mater Europaea, Dr. Ludvik Toplak, the General Secretary, Dr. Barbara Toplak Perovič, Doc. Dr. Luka Martin Tomažič, and Assist. Daniel Sitar.