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Alma Mater hosts leading experts in private higher education in Europe

Alma Mater Europaea University in Maribor is hosting the leadership of the European Association of Private Higher Education (EUPHE), a European network of non-state higher education institutions that connects independent and innovative institutions across Europe striving for excellence in education, research, and societal impact.

"We are delighted to host such esteemed guests and experts in higher education at our university. This meeting is an opportunity to exchange ideas, enhance the quality of education, promote research, and contribute to the societal impact of private higher education institutions. Additionally, the association works to improve collaboration among its members and develop common approaches and strategies that contribute to developing the European higher education space," said Professor Dr Barbara Toplak Perovič, who was elected as the new Vice President of EUPHE on this occasion.

João Redondo, the outgoing president of EUPHE from Universidade Lusíada in Lisbon, remarked upon handing over his mandate after a two-year term: "EUPHE advocates for strengthening the role of private higher education institutions in Europe, which play a crucial role in innovation and quality education. Together, we unite more than 700.000 students and 400 organizations. We have been very successful, and I am confident that with such operations in the future, we will ensure even greater efficiency in the higher education system. The visit to the beautiful city of Maribor and the exceptional hospitality of Alma Mater Europaea enable us to connect our members further and discuss the challenges and opportunities that the future holds. Thank you, Alma Mater."

Antonio Alonso, the new president of the European Association of Private Higher Education (EUPHE) and president of the Spanish Association of Business Schools (AEEN), stated: "Private higher education is an expression of a free, vibrant, democratic, and confident civil society, believing that both the dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit of the private sector are necessary for high-quality higher education. Collaboration plays a crucial role in this. We will advocate for the active integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into academic processes and research work, as we believe that technological advancements can significantly contribute to innovation and improve the quality of education in Europe. With this, we aim to encourage the broader academic community to explore and implement AI in their programs and develop new learning and knowledge development approaches."