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Alma Mater is part of the European higher education area

Alma Mater Europaea – ECM was selected among the many applications for Bologna Hub Peer Support II (2022-2024) as one of 33 universities from 13 countries.

The Bologna Hub Peer Support project, coordinated by the National Agency for Higher Education Cooperation Erasmus+ at the DAAD, supports participating universities with the Bologna Process with the help of international experts and advises them on various current topics, among other things. The article's author, Johannes Göbel, states: "The idea that European universities will converge and form a European higher education area is not self-evident. It requires an intensive exchange at different levels, not to mention attention to detail."

Alma Mater Europaea – ECM actively participated in several areas, such as curriculum planning, innovation in teaching, and the field of internationalization. Many experts from our institution took part in the interviews - from management, academic experts, students of all levels and international students, experts in human resources, professional development of employees, the quality committee, and the project and international office.

In a contribution to the DAAD Journal, Dr. Polonca Pangrčič says, " We are a young European institution that is currently developing into a university. In this process, it is valuable for us to see where we now stand. As part of the Bologna Hub Peer Support, we benefited from the European perspective of the two experts, Dr Irine Darchia and Dr Eglantina Hysa. This also gave us ideas for the further development of our curricula. The experts from the Bologna Hub Peer Support focus on the Europe-wide standardization of study programs and degrees and provide essential impetus for innovative approaches, such as digitalizing teaching." 

The article, published in the DAAD Journal, can be found HERE.