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Alma Mater is part of the impactful Sunrise project

Alma Mater Europaea is actively participating in the impactful Sunrise project, conducted under the auspices of the European Horizon Europe program. This project primarily aims at sustainable interventions and healthy behaviors for adolescent primary cancer prevention with digital tools.

Professor Dr. David Bogataj, the project leader at Alma Mater, explains, "The Sunrise project is dedicated to mitigating detrimental behaviors during adolescence that can lead to cancer development, a significant health and societal challenge in Europe. Our collaborative objective is to create digital solutions for averting all cancer-related consequences, utilizing innovative methods like social media campaigns, literacy programs, advertising, educational games, social robot platforms, and more." He further emphasizes that they will implement and assess a groundbreaking digitally enhanced life skills program. This program is designed for primary cancer prevention, focusing on promoting enduring changes in health behaviors among adolescents while considering diverse socio-economic, cultural, and environmental contexts.

The program's implementation and evaluation will span a broad scope, encompassing 154 schools and involving 7,500 students across urban and rural areas in eight European countries, including Greece, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium, and Romania. This initiative extends its reach to include socially disadvantaged groups, such as migrants and ethnic minorities.

"We are honored to be part of such a project, as it allows us to enhance the health of our youth and simultaneously reduce the state's expenditure on treating various forms of cancer," concludes Professor Dr. David Bogataj.