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Alma Mater on ECIM 2017 in Berlin

A delegation of Alma Mater Euroapea ECM participated at the 10th European Congress of integrative medicine that took place at the beginning of May in Berlin.

The delegation was headed by two professors of Integrative medicine who are among the faculty in the Master study programme Health Sciences, dr. Slaviša Stanišić and dr. Momir Dunjić. Both are also members of the European Society of Integrative Medicine and the Serbian society of Integrative medicine. The delegation of Alma Mater was very successful since we were confirmed as organizors of the next, 11th European Congress of Integrative medicine that will be held in Ljubljana in September 2018. The Alma Mater delegation also included dr Maruša Hribar, the president of the Slovene Association of Homeopathy, and dr. Tanja Angleitner Sagadin.

Source: STO