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Alma Mater on skis

The sports section of Team Alma Mater students organized a winter sports day in Areh, Pohorje.

"At the first major sports event, organized under the new management and team of the Alma Mater Student Organization, we spent the day at sunny Areh in Pohorje, where we skied, danced, and had fun. We also organized a competition for students and employees in a giant slalom. The ŠOAM team and I look forward to the upcoming events, which we will perform again with distinction. I want to thank all the participants of the sports day for their good energy and support during the organization," said Jaka Poglavnik, representative of the Team Alma Mater student sports section, after the event.

"The atmosphere was indescribable, full of energy and laughter. The music added just the right amount of fun while we skied and had a friendly competition. This day was a great opportunity to relax, have fun, network, and unite the student community. This skiing day was simply unforgettable. I think we are all looking forward to the next similar event and hope for even greater participation," added Ema Štemberger.

The best places among women were won by:

Katja Kumer

Urška Damiš

Maruša Kern

The best among men were:

Bor Moškon

Jan Dogariš

Maj Dogariš


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