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Alma Mater with a unique concept of gerontological research

Alma Mater Europaea is establishing a unique innovation concept for implementing gerontological research in three different environments to care for older adults by twinning with Pasykaf from Cyprus within Horizon's Gatekeeper project for the development of smart living environments.

Gatekeeper's scope is to use advanced information and communication technologies to meet the challenge of improving citizens' quality of life while demonstrating significant efficiency improvements in health and care delivery across Europe. "We welcomed guests from Pasykaf, a non-profit organization that deals with palliative care for cancer patients in Cyprus, at Murska Sobota General Hospital. The Murska Sobota General Hospital has an organized mobile palliative team whose function is the palliative treatment of more demanding conditions at a specialist level," says professional director Manuela Kuhar Makoter, dr. med., specialist in surgery and adds that the team members are doctor, nurse, social worker, pharmacist, psychologist, and physiotherapist, who in their work also connect with other institutions, stakeholders who are included in the palliative care network (hospitals at the tertiary level, personal physician, Institute for Social Welfare, palliative care service, homes for the elderly).

In the Murska Sobota General Hospital, the introductory part of the presentation of the platform's operation is already being tested in Cyprus within the framework of the Gatekeeper project within the framework of the PASYKAF organization in the palliative treatment of people who have cancer, took place. "Partners General Hospital Murska Sobota, Home for the Elderly in Šentjur and Center for Social Work Posavje - Unit Krško represent for the European environment an innovative approach in the implementation and comparison of palliative care in different care environments. In the coming months, we will define and compare the characteristics and possibilities of future use using technological support in three environments," says the Coordinator of the Twinning program for Slovenia assistant Suzanna Mežnarec Novosel.

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