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Cancer is no longer synonymous with a death sentence

Social gerontology student Ajda Cvelbar devoted her final master's thesis to researching the needs of adults and the elderly during rehabilitation after cancer. She points out that cancer is no longer synonymous with a death sentence and that society will only achieve integrity by recognizing diverse needs at different stages of life treatment of oncology patients at all stages of the cancer experience.

"The incidence of cancer is still increasing, which we attribute on the one hand to demographic changes, such as increasing life expectancy, aging of the population, and on the other hand to improved methods of a cancer diagnosis. In recent decades, with the progress of medicine, more successful treatment methods have appeared, which have led to an increased number of cancer survivors. Meeting the needs of oncology patients also substantially impacts the quality of life and is often too narrowly focused on the medical aspect (healing) and insufficiently individualized."

Student Ajda Cvelbar, with the help of research, found that during the rehabilitation period of adult oncology patients, universal and specific needs arise. "For the care of oncology patients to be of higher quality after the completion of cancer treatment, in the future, the recognition of individual needs will have to be placed in the integrated care program for cancer patients, and the needs are taken into account in daily practice."