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Cardinal Puljić about the importance of religion for the peace and development of Central Europe

Vinko Puljić, Bosnian-Herzegovinian priest, bishop, and cardinal appointed vice-rector of the Vrhbosna Catholic seminary in Sarajevo, also participated in the It's About People conference.

He led the Archdiocese of Upper Bosnia during a challenging period marked by the Balkan War. As a fighter for the rights of every human being, he represented an extraordinary symbol of perseverance and hoped for more peaceful times.

For his work and tireless advocacy for the equality of all nations and the cessation of war in these areas, Cardinal Puljić received several awards, including an honorary doctorate of humanities from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids and an honorary doctorate from the Catholic University of Santa Maria in Peru. He also received the international peace prize "Perdonanza" - "Forgiveness" from the Italian city of L'Aquila.

He spoke about the importance of religion for the peace and development of Central Europe. "The territory we live in is marked by the severe consequences of the turbulent times we lived through. Various ideologies, mythologies, and aggressive politics have destroyed or destroyed many cultural, scientific, and religious achievements. The question arises of how to proceed and build the future according to human standards. We are witnessing the severe consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, which has accelerated the spread of all those invisible social cracks that ultimately show this world as divided and fundamentally closed," Puljić points out, adding that faith and hope are a constant challenge for everyone, perhaps especially for believers alone.

Cardinal Puljić's full address is available at THIS link.