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Correct positions of patients after a stroke

Ajda Rak, a graduate of physiotherapy at Alma Mater, drew attention to the importance of positioning patients after a stroke in the correct positions with an excellent final assignment, as this affects their health and well-being.

Rehabilitation of patients after a stroke also requires knowledge of the correct positioning position. "By knowing the correct positions, healthcare workers can greatly help the recovery of stroke patients. Through my research, I found that health workers in nursing homes are quite familiar with the correct placement of patients after a stroke. However, they are less familiar with the consequences of improper placement of patients," explains the graduate. She adds that most of them need to acquire additional knowledge and incorporate it into regular practice.

As a physiotherapy student, Ajda works in a home for the elderly Danica Vogrinec Home Pobrežje in Maribor, where are 196 residents, most of whom are immobile, so she encounters incorrect positions daily. "Members of the rehabilitation team try again daily to help the nursing staff properly place the patients in the correct positions. For example, we install material on the walls above the bed of stroke patients to help them with their work. We also teach them the basics because the newly hired staff have no prior education in the health field, but due to the lack of manpower, the home is forced to employ them," points out. As a solution, she cites the organization of workshops on employee ergonomics and the correct placement of patients on beds and strollers. "Employees would first be trained theoretically and presented with definitions, typical characteristics, and guidelines, then paired up, where they would practically put themselves in the correct positions on top of each other. 

They would also be asked to test the positions that should be avoided, and in this way, they would realize firsthand how uncomfortable it can be for the patients, even for several hours a day. We would also analyze the consequences of improper foundation and installation and how they can be avoided," explains Ajda Rak.