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Do not wait for an educational reform. Come to Alma Mater Europaea's open house event!

How does one become a master of European Business Studies? Or perhaps a doctor in Project and Strategic Communications Management? You will find out at the open house event of Alma Mater Europaea, a university under the patronage of the Europaean Academy of Sciences and Arts.

A coalition of former students, professor Mladen Radujkovic, along with other internationally recognized entrepreneurs, who will provide you with information and benefits typically granted exclusively to AMEU students. Furthermore, the founders of the Toronto Business Academy summer school program will also make an appearance, all in an effort to give you the information you need. Come to Zagreb Hotel Dubrovnik on June 12th, at 5:00PM, to Alma Mater Europaea's open house – discover a modern university and find out why our graduate employment rates are second-to-none!

What can we offer?

  • Digital interaction and cooperation, by granting each student a free iPad

  • International exchange for students and professors alike

  • A diploma recognized all over the European Union

  • Statistical data shows a 96% employment rate for our students of European Business Studies, within their field and right after their study

  • Expert lecturers and Nobel laureates

  • Professional internship in Europe – a field trip to Brussels

  • Participation with the Toronto Business Academy sumemr school program

  • Livestreaming of lectures and access to an e-classroom evironment, with lecture recordings

A university can boost your career – Alma Mater educates leaders!