We would like to invite you to the lecture by assistant prof. Luka Martin Tomažič, PhD, that will take place on Monday, December 6, at 5 pm, within the Master study programme Management.

Mr. Tomažič will present the applicability and intertwining of the concepts of rhetoric, dialectics and logic in professional decision making. He will discuss two established models of decision-making, namely the Harvard case study approach and the London School of Economics approach.

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The core of the lecture will be on understanding the argumentation process of business decisions, that Mr. Tomažič developed in his scientific monograph 'Argumentation of business decisions.' It explains how quality decision-making takes place in business practice, and at the same time creates a practically useful model that can help managers, consultants, and other stakeholders in professional decision-making.

Mr. Luka Martin Tomažič, PhD, is an assistant professor at Alma Mater Europaea ECM, with many years of experience in industry. He is the head of the legal and general services department at Elektro Maribor Energija plus. He has led several large projects and has been involved in making the most important business decisions for many years as a legal advisor. He holds a doctorate in the field of legal argumentation and two master's degrees: one at the University of Maribor with a specialization in business management and administration, and the other one at the University of London with a specialization in economic regulation. He is the author of two scientific monographs, eleven chapters in scientific monographs and numerous scientific and professional articles. He regularly participates in conferences at home and abroad.

"In dynamic business environments, making sensible business decisions is essential for the long-term success of companies. To ensure quality decision-making, it is essential to justify decisions in appropriate arguments. This reasonableness must be present in the manager who makes decisions. "