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Jeffrey Sachs at Alma Mater

The famous economist and global leader in sustainable development, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, spoke at the official start of the It's About People conference on the geopolitics of a changing world.

He said the technology could bring improvement or destruction, but one must consciously choose the former and resolve differences through dialogue, not weapons. According to him, today, we urgently need geopolitics of peace, but he does not see it. As he said, the USA, in particular, cannot make the mental leap that Russia can be a partner, not just an enemy.

"I want Europe as a whole and individual countries to say, let's sit down and negotiate and end this war. This war is not only extremely destructive but dangerously escalating the situation. That's why the two sides urgently need to sit down and talk. We forget that they were Russia and Ukraine closed a deal a year ago. Still, according to the former Israeli foreign minister, it was blocked by the U.S. Now it's time to return to the negotiating table. NATO must abandon expanding into Ukraine and Georgia, and Russia must withdraw."

Listen to Jeffrey Sachs' conversation with journalist Edvard Žitnik the Odmevi TV programme broadcast on TV Slovenija 1 (starting at 01:30).