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Undergraduate: Dance, Coreography

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Mateja Bučar is a choreographer and dancer based in Ljubljana Slovenia. Educated in early ballet training concluding academic ballet studies on Centre De Dance International Rosella Hightower in 1980 in Cannes, France. In 1980 became a member and later soloist of Slovenian National Ballet, in 1986 also a member of Dance Theatre Ljubljana and from 1999 on she is working as a leading force at DUM Association of Artits (, involved with contemporary art production. From 1992 onward she has been continuously working as author of choreographic and dance works. In 2005 she received Ljubljana City award for current choreogrphic work (Županciveva nagrada), in 2015The Ksenija Hribar Award, a major award for 20 years of artistic work, as well as a PhD from The University of London -- Trinity Laban Conservatory and Music and Dance. She has created a number of exceptional works in collaboration with visual artist Vadim Fishkin among which: I would have Been a Palm Tree (2010), a Series of Urban Choreography (Geen Ligh, The Unnoticed, Green Table, Dual (2010-2018)), Sorry Out of Ideas (2009), Room&Road (2014,) On(The)Line (2017), Dancers Without Answers (2018), Parquet Ball(2020).Her work continues to be shown intentionally  in Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Uk, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, France, Poland, Sweden,...

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