More than 300 papers and 1000 participants

Alma Mater Europaea is dedicating the 7th scientific conference with international participation All About People: Future Fit!to the important topics of today, that will provide many challenges for the future.

We are expecting over 300 contributions and 1,000 participants from more than 20 countries. Among participants, we will again welcome prof. dr. Felix Unger, President of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, representatives of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the World Academy of Sciences and Arts, who will address the future development trends of the society as a whole.

Pre-conference programme includes opening of an Art Exhibition of Maria Tatevyan, who is also the author of the monument in Ljubljana Žale cemetery.

The emphasis of the conference is on sections and round tables. However, the plenary session will see the following speakers: prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak, president of AMEU, prof. dr. Felix Unger, president of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts EASA, President of the State Council, Mr. Alojz Kovšca, a respected scientist prof. dr. Claudia Loebbecke from the University of Cologne (Germany), Mr. Sven Mollekleiv, former President of the Norwegian Red Cross, prof. dr. Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, professor of climatology, who received the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts in climatology together with former vice-president of the US, prof. dr. Nandu Goswami from the Medical university Graz, and prof. dr. Stefan Luby, vice-president of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Great interest is expected at round tables. Round table on the topic of Wound Management is an important current medical, health and social issue. A complete novelty in our field of education is the session on Digital Humanities – the discussion on which will start with the round table, highlighting the legal issues of artificial intelligence by the top German scientist, prof. dr. Wilfried Bergmann.

The section on autism will discuss this challenge of the future, while top domestic and foreign scientists will talk about the current health issues and the neurophysiotherapy program regarding involvement of autistic children in society.

There is also a large interest in the discussion about the Election system: what’s next, featuring prominent legal experts.

The section on Health and health services in light of sustainable development will be dedicated to the questions of public health.

The section on education, psychotherapy and psychology will address the new health-related study programmes that AMEU is planning to introduce in the next year (logotherapy and autism). There is a large interest in this study programme by the partner universities from all around the world.

A special section will be dedicated to Active and productive aging in our society, since additional educational programmes and courses are needed for further qualification of people to prepare them for the third life cycle, due to changes in the technological and working process, including lifelong education. Social gerontology stresses the importance of not only active and quality aging, but above all productive aging.

The largest section will again be physiotherapy, which will be held at two locations simultaneously (also in Koper with live-stream).

The current ecological questions related to the study programme Environmental studies will also have a special section.

Because of changes in the centers of economic and political power, cultural influences are changing, too. Students of humanities and the international public have shown a great interest at the European Cultural Heritage, which will be covered by a  special section.

The change in technology, in particular communication among nations, generations and academic disciplines and activities in society, will be addressed at the round table Ethical and Legal Issues in Education.

Migrations and transfer of knowledge and knowledge management will be part of the section on Leadership, innovations and talent for sustainable development. Round table on Ethics and religion will see philosophers discuss religion, war, peace and economics from Hamurabi and Moses to our times.

Internationally most important part of the Conference All About people is the 9th conference on Archives in Slavic states, hosting representatives of national archives of all Slavic countries, discussing the role and the meaning of archives and digitalization of archival material in the modern society.

Academic study program Dance - choreography with ballet at AMEU is the first and only higher education program in the field of dance arts in Slovenia. It was established by domestic experts with the collaboration of top dance academies and artists from Zagreb, Budapest, St. Petersburg and Amsterdam. "This has overcome the historical trauma that Slovenians were the only people in Europe who did not develop dance arts up to the academic level, despite a more than half a century long efforts of Slovenian governments, although dance and choreography are known to be a constituent element of every cultural identity, just as the mother tongue, "said prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak, President of AMEU. At this special sub-conference, which will take place on Saturday, we will also introduce the Master Program Dance - choreography at Alma Mater Europaea - ECM, which is in the process of accreditation.