New leadership: Vid Vedlin is the new president of the Alma Mater Student council

Vid Vedlin was elected president and Anja Lašič vice president at the constitutive meeting of the Alma Mater Europaea Student Council for 2021/22. Vedlin replaced Matej Mravljak as president, who had done an excellent job.

The newly elected president Vid Vedlin is a second-year physiotherapy student in Maribor.
Under his leadership, the Alma Mater Student Council this year wants to carry out a Student Conference in the field of health sciences, which will be hosted by our faculty in May. In addition, the goal is to revive and launch some of the projects that students have already implemented in recent years. "We will strive to further improve interdisciplinary cooperation between individual study fields, as health-related sciences go hand in hand to some extent, and I think that everyone can benefit from that."
The message of the new president of the student council to all Alma Mater students is that happiness and joy are hidden in small things. Be it a smile to a classmate in the hallway or tutoring a colleague on a topic that doesn't want to stick in your head at all. "Let's not forget that we are here for each other, let's help each other and stand by each other, because together we can achieve much more. At the same time, of course, students are expected to be serious, tolerant, and willing to cooperate. I would like to invite you to participate in projects as much as possible and with a full measure of curiosity. In the spirit of the goals of the Student Council for this year, I wish you a year full of cooperation and success on both academic and personal level. "
Vid is very fond of sports; he often spends his free time in nature or with friends. He is a very open person, always ready to help. "I strive for progress and cooperation, which will also be my main mission in the role of President of the Student Council."