NEW STUDY PROGRAMME: Web and Information Technologies

The Slovene Agency for Quality Assurance (NAKVIS) gave green light with the accreditation of a new study programme of the 1st Bologna cycle at Alma Mater Europaea – ECM: Web and Information Technologies. The programme shall start in the academic year 2019/2020. It will be presented in detail at the study fair Informativa in Ljubljana at the end of January, as well as at the Study Info days in February 2019.

"The new study program of the first Bologna cycle Web and Information Technologies (B.Sc.) was planned by professors from the industry and entrepreneurship, as well as top international experts and researchers, since AMEU-ECM is primarily an internationally oriented higher education institution, which in Slovenia boasts the highest level of employability. All important Slovene ICT companies, as well as foreign universities, such as the University of Technology in Krakow and Freie Universität Berlin, are involved in the study program Web and Information Technologies, "explained assist. prof. dr. Matej Mertik, the director of the new study program at Alma Mater.

What makes this Alma Mater's Web and Information Technologies study programme different from other comparable study programs at other universities? Dr. Mertik says that the main advantage is the emphasis on the web sciences and also the connection with other humanist programs offered by Alma Mater. "The knowledge that the students will gain during our study will enable them to apply the knowledge about the web to the society, they will be able to develop their own web applications, make their own websites. During their studies they will gain a comprehensive view of the development of the web," adds doc. dr. Mertik. An additional advantage is that more than one third of the study programme will consist of the practical work in the best ICT companies in Slovenia and abroad.