New tutors for the academic year 2021/202

At THIS link you can see who the tutors are in the new academic year. The selection commission, composed of the assoc. prof. Sebastjan Kristovič, PhD, assist. prof. Tine Kovačič, PhD, Mladen Herc, M.Sc. and Katarina Pernat, chose among those students who had applied to become student tutors.

"We are pleased that more and more students are deciding to actively help with advice, guidance and study difficulties for younger students. Tutors are better organized each year, and more and more students turn to them. We welcome such cooperation and encourage it in the spirit of foreign universities around the world, "explained assist. prof. Tine Kovačič, PhD, president of the selection committee for tutors. The new leadership of

the student tutors will be selected at the end of this month at the first joint meeting of the new members.