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Older adults in the term of social changes

Alma Mater Europaea – ECM published a new scientific monograph entitled Older adults during the covid-19 epidemic in the term of social changes and digitalization, edited by Dr Jana Goriup, Dr Barbara Grintal, and Dr Peter Seljak.

The development of society has been marked in recent years by several social changes which, in the interest of digitization of older adults, affect their lives and bring uncertainty in the lives of older adults, particularly during the COVID-19 epidemic. »

At the same time as the changes that have become a constant in postmodern Slovenian society, many complex questions were raised about the lives of older adults on the one hand, the organization of society on the other, and the digital literacy and competence of older adults, and especially the country, for the future. Older adults are exposed, more than ever in their lives, to too many challenges, problems, stereotypes, and various forms of gerontophobic behavior. However, if older adults have adapted to social changes and the newly created circumstances that have guided their lives in the past without a greater risk, in the swollen situation, it is different,« said Dr. Jana Goriup, head of the social gerontology study program at Alma Mater. She adds, that this is especially true of the COVID-19 epidemic period, which has particularly affected older adults in Slovenian society and has "forced" them into digital literacy training.

You can order the monograph HERE.