Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard Professors at the Alma Mater Europaea symposium

The Slovenia Times published an article about the ''Free Speech in the 21st Century'' conference and called it ''this year''s most significant international virtual conference on freedom of expression. The article reads: The event was one of the largest virtual scholarly meetings so far this year, featured 52 speakers and 130 attendees. "It was a unique round-the-clock and round-the-globe event. During Asia''s daytime, Asian and Australian speakers presented, when it was daytime in Europe and the Americas, scholars from Europe, Africa, the US and Canada presented," Jurij Toplak said.

Free speech is one of the essential democratic rights and one of the most controversial. Whether it is Donald Trump's Twitter account, Larry Flynt's pornographic magazine, protests against police, the financing of an election campaign as determined in Citizens United, fake news or hate speech directed at migrants, immigrants or minorities, free speech incidents attract intense media coverage and regularly provoke debate as to its limits, if any exist.
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