Positive feedback to the current implementation of studies

We have just finished the first month of following the recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to continue the study process through ICT. We are extremely pleased with the whole transition to online format, as are the users.

I think that we at Alma Mater were the first in Slovenia to close the college and completely switched to online studies. In fact, the functioning of the entire institution, in all segments - administrative, scientific, research and project - has moved to the online platform. The entire study process, with the exception of clinical exercises within health programs, is proceeding smoothly. In the short term, however, we expect clinical exercises to continue throughout the program. We find that students have accepted and switched to a slightly modified way of study extremely positively. We have received many positive responses, both from teachers and students. In this unexpected situation in which all educational institutions have now found themselves, our great advantage is that all of our study programs were already recorded in the past and students could actively attend lectures from home in the previous years, too. Because of this, and because of all the experience so far, the whole transition to the online platform has been much faster for us, "explained assoc. prof. dr. Sebastjan Kristovič, coordinator of the study process.

He also emphasized that he would like to thank the student office, the ICT department and all higher education teachers for their engagement, responsiveness and continuous availability to our students. “The professor's attitude toward the content he teaches and the students he teaches is one that makes him different. It is in fact art, as Einstein also noted: " It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge" concluded Kristovič.