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Presentation of MATES project in European Parliament

Researcher and lecturer at Alma Mater Europaea ECM, dr. Goran Gumze, who works on a project financed by the European Commission, MATES (Multy Agency Training Strategies for Radicalized Youth), together with an international team of researchers, presented the MATES project in the European Parliament.

They emphasized the importance of tackling the problem of radical violence, which is mostly religious or political in Europe. They pointed out the lack of joint databases for prisons and police about radicalized adolescents who were already perceived as potentially dangerous.

The attendees agreed that the problem of radical violence is more social, than religious. At the same time, religion is a means of ideological indoctrination and a legitimate excuse for violence.

The project is due to end in April 2018, when on Alma Mater Europaea ECM and elsewhere in Slovenia, final dissemination presentations will be organized.