Prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak Recipient of the Gold Certificate

resident of Alma Mater Europaea - ECM prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak has received the Gold certificate, awarded to individuals for their work in intercultural activities.

The Congress Center GH Bernardin in Portorož hosted the 21st international scientific symposium on 20 and 21 April on the topic of TECHNICAL CREATIVITY IN THE SCHOOL CURRICULUM IN THE FORM OF PROJECT-BASED LEARNING “FROM IDEA TO THE PRODUCT”.

Within the 2nd section at the end of the 1st day of the Symposium, a special award ceremony took place on the topic of Intercultural dialogues, Golden certificates, Ambassadors of White Seagull, most deserving individuals in the field of intercultural activities, with which they became honorary members of the International Association Ambassadors of the WHITE SEAGULL.

Recipients of the Gold Certificates – honorary members and Ambassadors of the WHITE SEAGULL:

Dr. Peter Bossman, medical doctor and Mayor of Piran (born in Ghana), for connecting the culturally and linguistically diverse population, living in his municipality into a firm and future-oriented society.

Mag. Aswin Kumar Shrestha, Honorary Consul of Nepal to Slovenia, for bringing the cultural values of the Far East into the European Cultural mindset.

Prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak, doctor of legal sciences and academic, vice-rector of Alma Mater Europaea, founder and president of the European Center, Maribor, for his intercultural activities for the benefits of knowledge and cultural dialogue especially in a wider Danube region.

Recipients of the Gold Certificates – Golden member and Ambassador of the WHITE SEAGULL: prof. dr. Mirko Slosar

Certificates were awarded by the Advisor to the President of RS and member of the Senate of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, prof. dr. Boštjan Žekš, the president of ZPTU Slovenija, prof. ddr. Jožica Bezjak and the President of the international organisation and scientific committee of the engineering pedagogues, prof. dr. Jože Duhovnik.

After the awards ceremony, an olive tree was planted in the park in front of the Congress center and in front of Belvedere complex in Izola.