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Alma Mater Europaea Doctor of Science in Project Management degree program offers a focused concentration in Project, Program and Portfolio Management. The study is offered as an option for professionals or researchers who want to improve their own competences up to the highest level of creative leadership. It mainly addresses the needs of the profession for the highest challenges in the area of project, program and portfolio management. The target attendees are experts from central and South-East Europe, but the program, the staff and learning outcomes are recognized as an EU degree program, and therefore acknowledged globally.

The program prepares students to think and act strategically, making positive contributions to the world of projects. It is focused primarily on top level project/ program / portfolio managers and executives in organizations where they implement the managed by projects model. The study program is also very much appropriate for public agency staff, consultants, academics and entrepreneurs. Young professionals are also welcome, if decided to develop their careers for challenging and management positions. 


I work as a project manager in the field of civil engineering in Augsburg, Germany. To fulfil the desire for scientific career, I enrolled in Phd of Project Management at Alma Mater Europaea in October 2017. Since I am employed and often on construction sites, online streaming of all lectures is a huge advantage. Thus, I am able to participate in discussions and assignments, not being deprived if I cannot personally attend the lectures. Not only professors are experts in their domains, also students are experienced professionals, covering different topics from the area of project management. We all are from different countries worldwide, so many topics are united in diversity.

Comparing price and quality of similar European institutions, the PhD degree in Project Management at AME is the best option. I have had the opportunity to meet the professors and other employers of AME - we are progressing together in a casual but professional atmosphere.


I joined PhD study at Alma Mater after serious considerations of other PhDs at similar universities. As a practitioner it was important for me to find a program which fits in my tight working schedule and provides a strong connection between practice, science and research. After one year of study I confirm that Project Management program exceeds my expectations. My fellow students are from diverse fields with impressive careers. Professors are leaders in their fields, but with high sensitivity for practice.


Studying at Alma Mater means sharing experiences with internationally diverse group of people and, and developing competences in the field of research, which helps you to complete your profile. I have always enjoyed different places we study at and people we meet, all from academia and different fields of practice. It´s tough to perform studies parallel to a job, but it´s definitely worth moving forward towards the next level of personal development.


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  • Research design and methodology

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Project Management

  • Project, Program and Portfolio Management


  • HRM in Projects, Programs and Project-oriented Organisations

  • Competence Development in Project, Program and Portfolio Management

  • Mega projects and Complex Project Management

  • IT in project management

  • Managing risks, changes and constraints in projects

  • Project Management Methods and Tools



Graduate: European Business Studies
Graduate: Project Management, Strategic Communication Management


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Professionals with a deepened understanding of project management – those who embody the profile of a graduate in the field – can bring about the development of both economic and non-economic sectors.

Besides the gaining of specific competences related to management of projects, programs and portfolios, students receive opportunities to specialize in core areas of risk management, the management of so-called mega-projects, labour management, as well as time- and cost-management in projects. Our students of project management can aid the creation and execution of corporate strategies, as our study program enables:

  • mastery of methodological and theoretical knowledge required for personal participation and contribution to the development of the field;
  • ability to set, shape and execute an extensive research process;
  • ability to perform scientific research projects encompassing a wide range of professional and scientific fields;
  • qualification to participate in international projects;
  • ability to report on one’s findings within the framework of scientific conferences and publications, thus contributing to the further development of scientific disciplines and science in general;
  • qualification to develop creative thinking, while respecting the fundamental code of ethics as standard in thorough scientific practice;
  • ability to oversee complex labour systems, solve labour-related challenges, by finding new solutions;
  • ability to adequately critique others and oneself;
  • ability to solve complex project, program and portfolio problems
  • ability to develop further competences and thus advance project management as a profession

The doctoral study of project management is supported with modern informations technology and is performed in combination of live and recorded lectures, videoconferences, peer communication and adequately formatted electronic study material.


Graduates of project management are eligible for employment in all sectors that implement projects, programs or portfolios.

Within the economic sector, employment opportunities are mostly related to the management of large, complex projects, office or research work, as well as consulting work related to the establishment and execution of projects.

Other employment opportunities can be found in public institutions and agencies, conducting project management for the governmental apparatus. Graduating with a degree in project management qualifies our students to prepare, evaluate and control public projects.

A rapidly increasing number, complexity and significance of projects, increased the demand for experts and researchers – persons who can utilize adequate methodology, for the advancement of the profession and project objectives alike.

Doctors of project management will obtain employment in:

  • educational institutions, where it is crucial to educate the next generation of project managers;
  • developmental institutions, where the profession of project management is in constant interdisciplinary development;
  • companies that operate large and complex mega-projects;
  • consulting firms that offer relevant, specialized services for the management of projects;
  • local and national administrations, where public projects are prepared and executed.
  • DURATION: 6 semesters / 3 years
  • TITLE: Doctor of Science in Project Management
  • LOCATION: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria , Germany
  • START DATES: October

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