Projectification and Sustainability lead us through and out of the crisis

Alma Mater Europaea ECM Maribor, in co-organization with the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, hosted the 9th International Scientific Conference “ALL ABOUT PEOPLE 2021: Digital Transformation in Science, Education and Arts”.

The resume of over 3000 attendees, more than 42 sessions with over 50 invited and renowned international speakers from different fields (medicine, health care, project management, web and information technologies, education, humanities, rule of law, dance art) addressed digital transformation and current challenges for society at large. The Conference was held under patronage of President of the Republic of Slovenia Mr. Borut Pahor. Opening keynotes were provided by distinguished speakers Ms. Mariya Gabriel EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer President of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA), and Prof. Dr. Jeffery Sachs, one of the leading global economists.

Ms. Gabriel stated that "Digital technologies have helped the study process to continue during and despite the crisis, but the crisis has also exposed the shortcomings of the digital learning process and highlighted the need to address these shortcomings". Prof. Mainzer underlined the transformation of Artificial Intelligence Technology, while Prof. Sachs exposed the short sites of social media and threads of cryptocurrencies in promoting sustainable development, including ethics. The strong messages from the keynotes addressed the values of humanity and ethics as vital and critical components of digital transformation, a new impactful and necessary development process accelerating in various areas of social life in these unprecedented COVID times.

Embraced by AMEU Conference, Project Management Stream, attracted speakers from 21 countries and large auditorium. The keynote speakers, Prof. Dr. Arvi KuuraProf. Dr. Vladimir Obradović and Prof. Dr. Yvonne Schoper, emphasised the potential of projects and project management in the context of projectification—a new phenomenon for addressing current societal challenges and impacting change and transformation across the society and our practice.

The panellists, Prof. Dr. Gilbert SilviusMs. Raji SivaramanProf. Dr. Per Svejvig and Dr. Karen Thompson, called for enhanced sustainability at all levels of project ventures and emphasized its key role in designing responsible and promising project agendas. The discussion revealed that there is no project success without sustainability as an integral part of any project planning and implementation.

All statements and key messages above will be promptly transferred into AMEU International Doctoral Study in Project Management program. Our diverse group of students from twenty different countries across the globe will have the opportunity to re-engage in the conversation through recorded speeches, presentations, and key messages. They will study and bring forward the new inspiration and solutions in own research and daily practice, fulfilling further their roles of project management professionals with reputation and great sense of social responsibility.

Prof. Dr. Mladen Radujković, Head of International Doctoral Study in Project Management

Alma Mater Europaea, European Centre Maribor, Slovenia