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Sarcopenia and Neuroscience of Movement

At today's panel of the It's About People 2024 conference entitled Insight Into Muscle Health: Progress in Sarcopenia Research, Dr. Uroš Marušič, Katarina Puš, dr. Boštjan Šimunič and dr. Tine Kovačič focused on sarcopenia.

Sarcopenia is an age-related condition characterized by the loss of muscle mass and strength, which was recently classified as a disease by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

"The main goal of this multiplier event was to present the latest advances in sarcopenia research and provide valuable insights into health profiles that can benefit from the cutting-edge scientific information presented. Ultimately, it is about putting this knowledge into practice, particularly in the care and treatment of sarcopenic patients. This event represents a significant step forward in addressing the challenges associated with sarcopenia, an increasingly recognized health concern," summarized Dr Marušič.