Scientific monograph by assistant professor Tine Kovačič, PhD

Doc. dr. Tine Kovačič, study dean of the doctoral study program in physiotherapy, has published a new scientific monograph, emphasizing important discoveries in the field of neurophysiotherapy - from the vulnerable population of children with developmental disorders to adult patients with stroke and Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's dementia and other diagnoses that are useful for both theory, physiotherapy practice, health policy, and the legislation.

"That is why we developed graduate and postgraduate study at Alma Mater Europaea - ECM : master's and doctoral study program in physiotherapy, which equips physiotherapists with both knowledge and competencies in the field of scientific research, updated and followed foreign guidelines," explained Tine Kovačič, PhD.

The first reviewer of the monograph, assoc. prof. dr. Alena Kobesova, MD, certified specialist in neurology, in physical medicine and rehabilitation, licensed instructor of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS) wrote: "Many neuro-physiotherapeutic concepts are included in this book, such as theoretical and practical aspects of modern developmental neurological treatment (RNO), using a range of case reports, randomized controlled trials and pilot studies between different neurological disorders in patients of all ages. The current scientific monograph "Scientific Evidence-Based Neuro-physiotherapy" sets a new clinical standard in clinical physiotherapy in this field for patients of all ages. "

Second reviewer , assistant prof. dr. Erna Žgur, Developmental Neurology Therapist (RNO), specialist in neurophysiotherapy, wrote, among other things: “This scientific monograph brings encouraging results of numerous studies in the field of neurophysiotherapy with its scientific, professional and applied message. Therefore, the monograph also implements its goal, namely to offer a large, transparent and existing "knowledge base in the field of neurophysiotherapy" to many experts. The latter is made possible mainly by a detailed analysis of research results and a critical analysis of the results obtained in the field of neurorehabilitation. In an appropriately critical way, it also addresses the identified past gaps and weaknesses in the field of neurorehabilitation, which have partially or completely supplemented and / or eliminated existing research from the monograph or will be possible in future research. "

"With the current content of the existing scientific monograph, we want to encourage all neurophysiotherapists and other physiotherapists with special knowledge in the field of neurophysiotherapy to follow the findings of all study chapters, meaning that intensive, function-oriented neurophysiotherapy is extremely important and that based on the results of numerous studies aimed at determining the effectiveness of individual neurophysiotherapy concepts, clearly described physiotherapy procedures and techniques, they will upgrade their knowledge with the latest scientific findings from the broad field of neurotherapy. This is the first scientific monograph of its kind in the field of neurophysiotherapy in Slovenia, "adds Tine Kovačič.