Social gerontology: we were first in Europe

The Long-Term Care Act, recently passed by the National Assembly, is a historic event for students and lecturers in social gerontology study programs.

The law also lists a social gerontologist as one of the professions for long-term care providers, for whom studies are only possible at Alma Mater Europaea. “I am very proud that we succeeded. The placement of the profession on this list is a confirmation of our work and also the efforts of the students who study with us. I promise that the lecturers in the study program will continue to strive to prove that we are worthy of the trust shown, "explained prof. Jana Goriup, PhD, study dean of the Social Gerontology Program.

Alma Mater Europaea - ECM has been conducting the study of social gerontology for 10 years. It was brought to Slovenia from the USA by prof. ddr. Marija Ovsenik, long-time study dean and founder of this program at Alma Mater. "We were the first in Slovenia in the field of social gerontology, and the impact in the European and global scientific space confirmed our appropriate research orientation. Today, many European countries rank our program among the most advanced programs in Europe, "says prof. ddr. Ovsenik and adds: "Competitiveness and innovation in the field of working with the elderly and for the elderly is slowly entering our environment. Even though the population of the elderly is growing rapidly, education for it in Slovenia still represents a negligible share. There is a need to change the understanding and knowledge of processes and their adaptation in the field of services for the third life. Socio-gerontological interactions between the aging population on the one hand and between the actors involved in the process of working with the elderly and for the elderly on the other must be seriously considered. Social gerontology brings this knowledge, disseminates it and processes intergenerational learning and comprehensive information. Knowledge related to the ability to encourage and guide, triggers processes of creative responses to change. However, the lack of knowledge in this area is an inhibitor of the quality of life and ability to survive. There are structural discrepancies in Slovenia, some parts of northeastern Slovenia are among the areas affected by the problem of depopulation and emigration of young and educated staff. That is why the Social Gerontology program at all three levels is necessary, as on the one hand it provides an appropriate response to the needs of the environment, and on the other hand enables students from deprived backgrounds with education in this vital area. In any case, the Long-Term Care Act appropriately positions and recognizes social gerontology experts in the field of working with and for the elderly. I believe that graduates of our social gerontology programs enter the field of working with the elderly as competent professionals. I believe that they will upgrade the legally recognized professional education and enter the field of this weak, often overlooked population. "

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